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Whether you just started golfing this year or you’ve been on the course for decades, setting goals is a great way to improve your skills and work towards something. The start of a new year is perfect for setting some resolutions for your favorite sport. From cutting down on mishits with your golf irons to learning a new shot, here are four goals every golfer should set this upcoming year.

Reach a New Personal Distance Record

Improving the distance on your shots is one of the best goals you can set. It’s easily trackable, affects your overall performance, and there are plenty of different ways to achieve the goal.

You can find a driver that uses the latest technology and advanced materials to channel more power into every shot. Or you can schedule a custom club fitting with a brand that will build a set to maximize the distance of your shots. Along with focusing on your form and the small details of your swing, a custom driver is a surefire way to boost your distance.

Have Fewer Mishits Than Last Year

Mishits are the nemesis of every golfer. One moment, you’re on track for par. The next, you’re searching for your ball in the rough.

Cutting down on mishits will help improve your average score, so you can focus on lowering it without any errant shots. You can run through drills on the driving range, or you can slow down your swing and build back your mechanics to reduce the mishits. Or, you can find some of the most forgiving irons and add them to your bag. With more offset and a bigger club face, they provide the forgiveness you need to keep your ball on the fairway and can make mishits last year’s problem.

Lower Your Handicap

Every golfer wants to lower their handicap. But this year, you’re going to make it a very specific goal and take concrete steps to achieve it.

Whether you want to improve by one stroke or 10, setting a quantifiable goal is essential. That way, you can track progress throughout the year and know if you’re on pace to reach your dream handicap.

Then, find the most problematic areas of your game and work to improve those. It could be finding putters that give you more control in the short game or improving the distance on your drives. Prioritizing these areas of your game will have you lowering your handicap in no time.

Master a New Shot

One of the best ways to improve on the course is by broadening your skillset. If you have more shots to choose from, you can find success in a wide variety of situations.

Plus, you don’t have to master every shot this year. Choose one, maybe one that you feel like you’d use often, and practice it as much as possible. Maybe you want to learn the flop shot for precise green-landings. Or you could practice the punch shot to escape the rough or get through the tree line. Or you could focus on improving the mechanics of your bunker shots. No matter what you choose, this is a goal that will pay off for the rest of your golfing career.

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