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Symbols were very much part of Viking's life, representing the different things that had the most importance. Power is one quality that, considering their capacity to wage war and conquer their enemies, one can confidently attribute to the Vikings. They had gods on their side, calling them, particularly during war, for power.

Here, we're going to look at the different symbols turned into amulets or curved on their arms for strength by these Nordic people.

Ægishjálmr, The Helm of Awe

The Ægishjálmr had two meanings, both power and security being the symbol. The emblem looked very much like a compass with eight cardinal points, pronounced “EYE-gis-hiowlm-er,” or simply said, in English, the Helm of Awe. Although that would be the easiest way to draw it, that's not exactly how to see it. Instead, to shield it, the sign has a circle with eight tridents stemming from the center.

There are two words in the Ægishjálmr, which mean “shield” and “helm.” The symbol itself was mainly meant to paralyze the enemy with fear. The Vikings will do the same, just like a snake offers an intense look before attacking, with the mark drawn between their brows on their helmets.

The belief was that the drawing, put on the pineal gland's location, would help the Vikings gain access to the spirit world and harness different gods' strength and power. That would then give them the control, by just using their eyes, to strike fear at enemies. Get your own Helm of Awe with Viking Lair's Viking necklace today.


Wolf had once been a sign of destruction to the Norse gods. A pair of wolves swallowed the sun and moon in Norse mythology, and the wolf Fenrir even slew God Odin in Ragnarok. In the modern sense, however, the symbol of exceptional power is the Viking/Norse wolf. The most shining example of this is Fenrir. Even though Fenrir was the Norse villain, Fenrir did everything to avenge those who mistreated and cheated him, after all the people presume. His power and excellent authority were undeniable.

Fenrir was a giant wolf who didn't fear anybody and was very savage. While many people could see the Norse wolf symbol as negativity, no one could ever doubt Wolf Fenrir's supernatural power. Fenrir had the power inside himself to both destroy the cosmos and restore it.

Mjölnir, Thor’s Hammer

One of the most powerful gods that ever existed was Thor, the god of thunder and lightning. His strengths overshadowed all his rivals; he wielded the hammer, making it clear he would be invincible. The Mjölnir hammer, which means lightning, was the Thor weapon used mainly during combat.

It possessed magic, provided that it would always come back to him wherever he threw the hammer. In battle, the Vikings would put on their bodies or arms the symbol of Mjölnir, using it to tap into Thor's strength and the hammer for which he was respected. Get your own Thor's Hammer with Viking Lair's Viking necklace today.

Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse

Sleipnir, Odin's horse, pronounced SLAYP-nir, was an extremely strong and powerful horse. The latter four, with eight legs, rising from the haunches and shoulders, allowed Sleipnir to move with incredible speed and strength that no other horse in the universe could compete with. No one could beat him, be it running, jumping, kicking, or neighing.

The mythical horse did not allow any challenge to get in his way; it included the elements. It was no wonder with this amount of power that the Vikings would look to Sleipnir to symbolize strength.

Wrap up

Life, no matter how you look at it, is difficult. Getting something to signify resilience gives you the extra boost that you need if you give up instead. There are many cultures with symbols of strength, but the Norse provides us with extraordinarily unique signs that we can make important in our current times.

If you're a lover of Norse myth or a Viking admirer, don't miss the chance to express your love for Viking and own a Viking necklace or bracelet. Viking Lair is proud to show you many beautiful pieces of jewelry to have your Viking strength symbols. We believe that our beautiful jewelry will enable you to gain enough strength and power to conquer any obstacles in your life.

More importantly, this Viking jewelry is perfect to match your everyday style. Wear it proudly today!


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