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No matter what your strength-training routine is, how often you target each muscle group, or what your rotation looks like, there are a few lifts that you need to include in your plan. Compound lifts can help improve strength across various muscle groups and provide whole-body benefits that you just don’t get with isolation movements.

There are a few exercises that stand above the rest. These should be the pillars of your weightlifting routine because of their effectiveness, widespread use, and straightforward mechanics. Grab your lifting clothes and head to the gym to incorporate these four lifts into your routine.

Barbell Squats

Leg day is integral to any workout routine, especially for bodybuilders. You use your legs almost all day, every day. It is crucial to make sure they are strong and trained. Plus, they are key to a good all-around aesthetic. Nobody wants to be the guy who skips leg day. When planning your lower body workout, you can’t forget squats.

When you perform a squat, you are working basically all of the muscles in your legs and improving your core strength and balance simultaneously. Squats can also help improve your mobility and your lower body’s joint health. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to weightlifting or have been lifting for decades, you need to be squatting.

Bench Press

Ever since George Hackenshmidt performed the first recorded floor press in 1899, this motion has become an integral part of bodybuilding routines across the world. This exercise evolved into the bench press, and now you can find bench press equipment in almost any gym. That is how integral it is to strength training.

The bench press works out a lot of your upper body, including your pecs, delts, and triceps. If you separate your upper body workouts by push and pull days, this is the perfect push day lift. You can easily track your progress, and it can help you make some serious gains. Don’t sleep on the bench press.


The deadlift might just be the king of full-body lifts. It works an entire range of muscles that extends from your shoulders down your feet. From stronger legs to a stronger back and core, the deadlift can do it all. It can also get your heart rate pumping.

Each time you explode upward with the bar, you will be working up a sweat in your bodybuilding clothes. It is important to lift with the proper form, especially with the deadlift, so you should have someone teach you or watch some videos before trying it out on your own. Once you’ve mastered the deadlift, your workout will take on a whole new look.

Barbell Rows

The barbell row is a must-have if you’re looking for a compound lift that helps you build a strong back. It uses a stance very similar to a deadlift, but instead of bending up and down, you remain leaning over while using your back and arms to pull the bar towards your core.

The movements involved can help you with many other lifts, making barbell rows an excellent compound workout to help you with many different aspects of your fitness. It works out your lats, traps, and biceps and is a great addition to any bodybuilder’s routine.

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