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How you perform on the green can make or break the hole. Specifically, you must learn the art of distance control, as it can help cut down on those three-putt holes, leading to a lower score and a more favorable handicap. But you can’t expect to be better at distance control without practicing, right? Grab your professionally fitted custom golf clubs, specifically your putter, head to the practice green, and try these four putting drills.

Star Putting

To set up this drill, grab a handful of tees and start at the hole. Place one tee about 3 feet away from the hole, another at 4 feet, and a third at 5 feet. You can adjust the distances based on your skill and goal. Repeat this process every 90 degrees so you have four lines of tees. Place a ball next to each tee.

To perform the drill, putt each ball in ascending distance, then go again at the following line. The goal is to sink every putt in order without missing. This drill helps you learn to gauge various distances and feel the difference in your swing when you only add a foot or two to the putt. If it’s too easy, extend the distances for more challenging putts.

Straight Line Distance Control

This drill is similar to the star drill, except you’ll stick to one line instead of four. Grab your tees and pick a practice hole. It’s best if it’s level or slightly uphill. Then, place a string of 10 tees, each a stride length apart. Put a ball down next to each tee. Finally, set a tee about 2 feet past the hole.

Start with the closest ball and attempt the putt. If you don’t sink it, you can still count it as a successful attempt if it doesn’t go past the tee behind the hole. Remember, distance control is all about cutting down on three-putting, and getting the ball within 2 feet of the hole in any direction should be counted as a success if you’re prone to overshooting the hole.

Blind Putting

It might sound a little strange, but swinging with your eyes closed can help you get a better feel for your golf club sets and your putter specifically.

Drop your ball somewhere around the hole. It’s best to practice this drill in different spots to get a feel for your swing and how it plays on the green.

Line up your putt like you normally would. Choose your line and get into your stance. Then, right before your backswing, close your eyes. Follow through with the putt, and before you open your eyes, call out whether you went left, right, or right on target to the hole. Open your eyes and see if you were correct and make mental note of how that putt felt.

Practice from the same spot for about 10 to 20 putts or until you get a good feeling for your swing and start to hone in your distance, even with your eyes closed.

Target Putting

This drill can help your distance control on longer putts.

Find a stretch of practice green with plenty of room. Use some colored tape or any other visual aid you need to create a line and lay out three target lines about 2 to 3 feet apart from each other.

Now, move out to the other side of the green, roughly 20 to 30 feet depending on your skill level. Then, take turns aiming for each line with every putt. The goal is to place each putt as close to your target line as possible. As you get better at this drill, you’ll feel more comfortable adjusting your swing depending on the distance.

Add these drills to your practice routine, and with the right putter, three-putt holes will be a thing of the past.

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