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A good driver is the foundation of your golf bag. Confidence and performance with your driver set you up for success on every hole. So, when it’s time to upgrade, you need to know what to look for, and finding the best driver is about asking yourself the right questions. So, the next time you head to your favorite golf store Chicago, Houston, or another city has to offer, use these questions to help guide you to the right driver.

What Are My Goals with This New Driver?

It’s important that you specify what you want to accomplish with your new driver. Not every driver is designed to do it all, so it helps to have your priorities in order to narrow down your initial options.

Do you want a driver that’s going to deliver the most distance? Maybe you’re fine with sacrificing distance if it means your drives are consistently straight. Do you just want the latest technology available?

Whatever your goal is, make sure to define it clearly. When comparing clubs, you can ask yourself, “Which driver helps me achieve my goal?” and move on from there. Asking this question first is like finding the X on the treasure map. Now it’s time to grab a compass and start searching.

What Improvements Do I Want Over My Current Driver?

Comparing two new possibilities can be helpful when looking at new drivers, but it’s more practical to compare any club to your current driver. That way, you can see how it’s going to improve your game.

Maybe your current club face is just too small. You can look at new drivers with larger faces and heads that promote more forgiveness. Or maybe your shaft is too stiff, and you need something to provide some extra “whip” in your swing.

Write down what you don’t like about your current club. Then, you can search for drivers that solve these problems and elevate your golfing experience.

What Details Are the Most Important to My Game?

Now it’s time to look at your swing and the way you approach each drive. A good driver should work with you to highlight your strengths and support you in the weaker areas of your game.

Maybe you’re a power hitter who can get good distance, but accuracy has never been your strong suit. An extra stiff shaft alongside a more forgiving club face with precision weighting that keeps your club in line with the ball is a great way to balance out your game.

On the other hand, if you are consistent with your swing and have pinpoint accuracy, you might need a driver that helps add distance to your game.

There are so many different ways a driver can play to your strengths, especially custom ones. This means you’ll have to ask yourself…

Where Can I Schedule a Club Fitting?

A custom golf club fitting is one of the best ways to ensure you get the best club for your game. If you find a driver you like, the next step is to work with an expert who can analyze your swing and adjust every part of the club to meet your needs.

The best golf store Houston, Chicago, or any major city offers will set you up with a Master Fitter to help customize the perfect driver for your game. Schedule an appointment for a driver fitting, and you will meet with someone who will look at your swing from every angle to fine-tune the driver based on your strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies.

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