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Finding the right photographer for your projects is a lot like finding the right car, manual or automatic? Electric or Conventional? There are cheap ones, expensive ones, lousy ones — and great ones. Unfortunately, unlike cars, there are no legal regulations, restrictions and licenses that photographers need to hold.

This means that there aren’t any guarantees of the quality of work on the photographer end. Most freelancers are experts in their fields and can sometimes be more attentive to their client needs. However, in a market where anyone can just purchase a camera and call themselves a photographer, that leaves you, the potential client at risk for a poor photo shoot.


Most photographers have specific niches they tend to focus on and are typically better at shooting within these niches. Examples include family photography services, weddings, nature, portraits, product photography, commercial photography, etc. Finding the right photographer can be a pain as there are so many things to consider such as experience and portfolio. However, most professional photography services have a few different photographers to choose from and their portfolios available on request. This will greatly reduce the hassle of finding a photographer from different sources, all whilst knowing that each photographer is professional and experienced.


Most freelance photographers do not have their own print lab, so they may outsource the images to a print lab. Since the photographer is selling a physical product, it would be logical to assume that there is a markup for profit. You could just print with express print centre, however, the photographers will then offer you the digital files at an additional cost. This however is not an issue with professional photography services as mainly everything will be included in a package already and everything can be paid in a lump sum depending on what package you chose.


Some people may want to skimp on this factor but before you do, please consider that you are spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a photographer, and nothing feels worse then spending the money to create beautiful images where your hair is dishevelled, your clothes too big and your makeup resembling The Joker from batman. Many freelance photographers do not have an inhouse styling team and you may have to go through the hassle of hunting down a fashion house that suits your needs. However, for professional photography services, they typically have inhouse make up and styling teams that already know what type of look is best suited for the photoshoot you are going for and they also typically come with the packages so you need not fret about additional costs or going out of budget. This is especially important if you are going for your graduation or convocation photography photoshoot.


Hiring a freelance photographer may include many different fees that they will charge separately, this might include retouching and consultation fees. Freelance photographers probably do not have the time to retouch hundreds of photos, so mainly they will outsource the work to other design firms, and you will once again be left with little control over the price and who they sent the photos to. Professional photography services will do all this inhouse and we can keep you posted on which artistic direction we are taking the shoot in, along with no additional costs as once again, everything is included in the package price. Consultation fees may also arise when clients are unsure about what art direction they should take their photoshoot to but rest assured, everything once again, is covered in the package fee at professional photography services.


Even though freelance photographers may seem like a better choice due to its flexibility, however, this comes at an extra cost and most professional photography services (with the professional corporate photographers) are able to also produce this sort of flexibility. Professional photography services also typically have a wider selection of shoots and photographers all while producing high quality photos and charging one price without any hidden fees.


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