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Do you remember the first time you bought yourself a piece of fine jewelry? Maybe you started with something simple but classic, such as a solid goldlink chain that you never wanted or needed to take off. Or, maybe you jumped right into buying yourself diamonds. The feeling it gave you when it sparkled and shined on your finger, wrist, or neck probably felt satisfying. If you’ve never purchased fine jewelry for yourself, let alone custom fine jewelry, show yourself some love soon. Here are four great reasons to self-gift fine jewelry.

Excellent (Emotional) Investment

A jewelry investment can be financial, but often, it’s an emotional investment. It may be more common in fact to choose something that evokes an emotional connection, meaning how it makes you look and feel when wearing it. Maybe you feel proud, sentimental, or confident. That’s the power of fine jewelry.

If you’re celebrating a special birthday, work promotion, or birth of a child, the piece of jewelry you choose for the occasion likely has a strong feeling attached to it. Customized fine jewelry is a significant investment and you know you’ll always love wearing it.

Heirloom to Pass Down

Maybe you’re the relative with impeccable taste in jewelry and have classic pieces that you plan to pass down to the next generation. Keeping jewelry in the family isn’t a new idea, but it’s still a good idea. Heirloom-style jewelry helps preserve memories and keeps a loved one close to your heart.

If you think about it, buying yourself nice jewelry isn’t only a gift to you; it could be a gift to a loved one in the future, whether it’s a 2mm gold chain in the perfect length for everyday wear or a one-of-a-kind handmade diamond ring that captures the light just right.

Creativity & Personal Expression

Jewelry is worn as a way to express your style, personality, and what you care about in life. And when you find a brand dedicated to a high level of craftsmanship and customization, you get comfortable with the idea of that brand making a piece that’s a true reflection of you.

It’s your chance to purchase something as elegant as a monogram charm with your choice of metal or highly sentimental lockets with diamonds and photos of your favorite family memories. Add these lockets to black chains to really make them pop. Custom jewelry allows you to get as creative as you want, so the piece feels totally unique to you. Hand crafted pieces tend to feel more personal, too.

You Know What You Like

Traditionally, jewelry was primarily given as a gift for a special occasion or to show love to someone. But today, self-gifts are much more common. And who knows you better than you? Even though it feels good to receive a jewelry gift, you can choose something from a bespoke collection or pick a ready-to-wear piece all on your own, too.

There are no rules to buying jewelry for yourself and there are plenty of reasons you should get fine jewelry for yourself.

About Heather B. Moore

Jewelry is so much more than just an accessory. It can be a stunning heirloom telling a beautiful story about you and your loved ones. Heather B. Moore helps you create personalized fine jewelry you can hold dear and cherish for a lifetime. Each piece is created with the highest level of professional craftsmanship and brought to life with meaningful hand stamped symbols, words, initials, and even exact handwriting from the most important people in your life. Using a freehand technique, each hand stamped piece is unique and has a distinct personality. You can choose from a wide variety of materials like sterling silver, different shades of real gold, diamonds, and gemstones. You can tell your unique story on a stunning piece of forever-lasting jewelry with Heather B. Moore.

Make your jewelry meaningful and personal with Heather B. Moore at https://www.heatherbmoore.com/

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