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Wristwatches have been popular since their invention, and once design innovations made them affordable to nearly everyone, they’ve become nearly universal. From sharp dress watches to chic women’s watches to striking mens black watches, people across countless cultures wear them all over the world. With our ever-growing dependence on new technology, some people predicted that the watch would become less popular. Not only have they stuck around, but watches are actually continuing to grow in popularity. Here are four reasons why.

Watches are Useful and Convenient

First and foremost, watches are popular because they offer any wearer a practical benefit: you can check the time with a quick glance at your wrist. Not only is it convenient, but it can also be more polite than pulling out your smartphone in some instances. If you have a busy schedule, it’s even an easy way to subtly keep an eye on the time.

Watches are Stylish and Classy

Beyond convenience and practicality, watches are still popular because they are the definition of a classy and stylish accessory. A timeless women’s gold watch is an elegant addition to any ensemble. The same goes for a classic leather-banded or silver watch for men. It’s a sophisticated and fashionable finishing touch for everything from a smart suit to a casual outfit for a night out. In fact, a good-looking watch is one of the rare accessories that always complements your style, no matter how formal or casual you like to dress.

Watches Can Reduce Distractions

Have you ever picked up your smartphone just to check the time, only to become distracted by notifications? Or maybe you end up burning half an hour or more browsing social media, checking email, and so on. With a watch, you don’t have to worry about these kinds of distractions. Instead, you can stay focused at work, on a date, or even while you’re driving. For some, a classic watch is just what you need resist the urge to reach for your cell phone when you’re bored. Instead of wasting time scrolling through social media or your news feed, you can enjoy the things that matter most to you—and look good doing it.

Watches are Great for Self-Expression

Not everyone has the same style. That’s the great thing about watches: You can easily express your individuality with the right timepiece. You might prefer a sleek women’s gold watch or a sophisticated analog watch for men. There’s a whole world of watch styles to help you express yourself. Are you a vibrant person looking for a boldly multicolor watch? Maybe you’ve perfected your retro aesthetic and love sporting iconic watch styles of the 70s or 80s. Whatever your style, there is sure to be a watch out to help you show the world who you are.

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