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 Did you know that bad oral health can affect your overall health? Nearly 100% of adults have at least one dental cavity. Protecting yourself from harmful bacteria is compulsory as it is the entry point to your digestive & respiratory tracts that can cause serious diseases. Not following good oral means, you are moving towards dental cavities, gum diseases, heart disease, cancer & diabetes, etc. The symptoms of bad oral health include bad breath, hot or cold sensitivity, pain or toothache, swelling of the face or cheeks & cracked or broken teeth, etc. Talking the best solution then it’s preventive dentistry by Dr. Karamjot Kaur.


4 Reasons Why Crowns & Tooth Bridges Recommended | Preventive Dentistry


In this quick guide, we will give you information about the reasons why crowns & tooth bridges are recommended. In addition to this, don’t forget to check out the “best dental checkups near me.

What are Dental Crowns & Bridges?

Dental crowns & bridges are recommended by your dentist when you have one or more missing teeth. To fill the empty tooth space, dentists ask you to choose artificial replacements like dental crowns & bridges that are easy to take out & clean. Where crowns are affixed to dental implants but bridges more function like your actual teeth to give you a happy smile.

4 Reasons Why Crowns & Tooth Bridges Recommended

Here are the reasons why dentists ask you to opt for crowns & tooth bridges:

  1. Decayed Teeth
  2. Broken or Fractured Teeth
  3. Cosmetic Enhancement
  4. To Fill the Gap in the Mouth


  1. Decayed Teeth

Do you know more than 80% of Americans have at least one cavity by the time they enter their 30s? So, it is the most common disease that affects all age groups. When left untreated then it leads to toothaches, infections & decayed teeth. Tooth cavities, also known as tooth decay, is a hole therefore, dentists recommend crowns & bridges to fulfill that holes.

  1. Broken or Fractured Teeth 

Broken or fractured teeth can cause the tooth to break or split which is most common in children & older people. A broken tooth may hurt or feel sensitive, so once you diagnose the broken or fractured teeth, you should not delay in booking an appointment online/offline – dental cleanings in Kitchener.

  1. Cosmetic Enhancement

If you want to cover misshapen, and severely discolored teeth for cosmetic reasons then crowns & bridges are the best options. This way, broken, infected or decayed teeth can impair your smile. Dental crowns & bridges are made up or customized by a trained technician by taking a precision model of your tooth to mimic the size, shape & color of your natural teeth.

  1. To Fill the Gap in the Mouth

Do your child, you & your parents have gaps in the mouth or between teethes? To restore your mouth’s proper structure, the filling is recommended by dentists. No matter whether the severity of the space is small or large, dental crowns & bridges are always the wise decision.

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