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Patients with trimethylaminuria (a genetic condition characterized by the fishy smell of urine, sweat, and breath) can benefit from the use of activated charcoal. carbon activated manufacturer The accumulation of odorous trimethylamine can be reduced by adsorption with activated charcoal after systematic multiple dosing regimens. Additionally, activated charcoal also finds its use in the alleviation of gas and bloating after consumption of gas-producing meals.

Cholesterol Levels

Scientists also found activated charcoal to be helpful in reducing cholesterol levels across several clinical studies. Bile acids and high-fat content from food were adsorbed on the surface of activated charcoal in the gut. This, in turn, reduced the absorption of fat from the gut. Moreover, low-density lipoprotein (LDL, “bad cholesterol”) level was reduced, and high-density lipoprotein (HDL, “good cholesterol”) level was increased in one study.

Water Filtration

The traditional application of activated charcoal as a water cleanser is still relevant today. Fluoride and other heavy metals are effectively removed with the help of pellets activated carbon filters. However, it is not useful for removal of viruses and bacteria from water. Therefore, modern water purifiers contain multiple filter components targeted for different impurity types.

Teeth Whitening

It is also useful as a teeth whitener. Brushing the teeth with activated charcoal power twice a week can help whitening the teeth stained from long-term consumption of tea, coffee, or wine. Activated charcoal is also claimed to be effective in treating skin ailments such as acne, and also in treating snake bites, albeit the reliability of these claims is not well-documented clinically. Moreover, it is also often used as household mold-cleaning agent for the floors, hard surfaces, and edges.

Despite numerous proven as well as anecdotal benefits of activated charcoal, every instance of its use should be backed up by the fine medical judgment to avoid any unwarranted complications.


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