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The step from a rookie weightlifter to becoming a true veteran takes lots of hard work, but it can also be subtle. You might not notice it’s happened until someone comes up to you and asks for your opinion on their form. As you’re helping them out, you’ll realize your new role in the gym. The jump between these stages of your fitness journey can easily be made with the right knowledge. There are always a few simple principles that experienced weightlifters seem to know and stick to. Whether that means never cutting corners or wearing the right gym clothes, here are some of the secrets you need to know to become a veteran bodybuilder.

There’s No Such Thing as a Shortcut

Over time, every dedicated weightlifter learns this lesson. You can’t take shortcuts on your way to reaching your fitness goals. It might be tempting, but they will just lead you back to where you are. The difference between experienced bodybuilders and newcomers still finding their way is that the veterans don’t even try to find shortcuts anymore. They’ve spent years in the gym and know exactly what it takes to reach their goals and achieve their gains. It’s simple. You just need to strap on your gym gloves and focus on the next set.

You’re Going to Need Help

When you start your lifting journey, it might seem like a solo venture. After all, no one can help you lift the bar. However, something that every gym veteran knows is the need for community and a solid support system. There are going to be challenges and pitfalls you encounter. It’s during these times when you might need some support. Maybe you need pointers for a new lift you’re trying, or you could just need a boost of motivation when you hit a training plateau. Beginners might try to power through these tough spots on their own. Experienced lifters look around, see their community of other gym enthusiasts, and know they always have the support they need to overcome any challenge.

Confidence and Commitment Are Key When Everything Else Fails

Every beginner has experienced setbacks. Every veteran has even more under their belt. The difference? The veteran weightlifter knows the secret to making it through. They know that confidence and commitment are the two things they need when everything else fails. When different techniques don’t work, when other things try to pull your attention away, when everything seems impossible, confidence and commitment are the secret. Build up your confidence by wearing high-quality gym clothes and joining a community of like-minded athletes. Practice dedication by keeping your gym habit going, no matter what.

The Journey Never Stops

At first, this secret might sound daunting. But for experienced lifters, it can bring a thrill to your typical routine. Telling a new bodybuilder that the journey never stops could be intimidating. Every time they reach one goal, new challenges are sure to appear in their place. However, veteran weightlifters know that the joy is in the journey, not the destination. You don’t only get the feeling of achievement every time you reach your far-off goals. You get that feeling every day. You experience it every time you put on your workout clothing and every time you finish your routine. Those are the moments that make the bodybuilding journey worth it. That’s the secret.

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