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Where do most golfer spend their time outside the fairway or the range? That’s right—a golf store.

Whether you’re a rookie golfer or have decades of experience, finding the best golf store Chicago, Houston, or another city has to offer feels like a love story. It starts out normal, but suddenly, you feel like you’ve found your soul mate, and you never want to leave.

These are the features the best golf stores have in common and the signs that you’ve finally found “the one.”

Your Shopping Trips Are Fun and Productive

Some golf stores offer a wide selection of products. Others are an experience all their own. The best golf stores are a little bit of both.

You know you’ve found your favorite golf store when you walk out with a smile on your face and new clubs, accessories, or balls that you know will improve your game. These stores offer game-improving services such as innovative fitting bays and expert fitters who help you design custom clubs matched to your swing.

On top of that, they’ve built a fun environment that every golfer dreams of. Displays of all the newest products; TVs showing all the latest updates in professional golf; and comfortable lounge areas for chatting with fellow golfers. It’s all there, and it all combines to give you a fun and productive shopping experience.

You Find Golf Apparel That Looks and Feels Good

Pretty much every golf store has an apparel section. And while the displays are important, the products are even more important. The best golf store offers golf apparel you’ll actually want to wear on and off the course.

When you look at the clothes on the rack, can you picture yourself in those polos and pants while teeing up? Do they feel like something you’d want to wear outside of the course and during everyday life? If so, then you’ve found a golf store that will quickly become your one and only.

You Lose Track of Time While You’re There

You know the feeling of checking your watch every five minutes, wondering when you’ll finally get out of the store. But you also know the feeling of forgetting about your watch and time altogether. And that’s what’ll happen when you’re in the best golf store around.

A two-hour fitting session will fly by because of all the fun you’re having learning about your swing and experimenting with new clubs. Looking at one new putter will suddenly turn into an hour of putting green time as you try to find the perfect option. Time flies when you’re having fun, and time will soar in your new favorite golf store.

You Find Any Reason to Stop By During the Week

It used to be that you only visited your local golf store when you really needed something. Maybe you were completely out of balls, or your glove had a hole in it.

With your new favorite store, you’ll never have a shortage of reasons to visit. You want to check out their new lineup of irons. You heard they came out with a fall line of apparel, so you stop in to take a look. You think your driver is giving you problems, and you need a fitting session. You’re on the hunt for a new golf bag. The list of reasons to visit this store is endless.

When you find yourself coming up with reasons to visit, you know this golf store is something special.

Ultimately, if you feel like you have a second home, a place that makes you feel comfortable and has some of the best golf products around, you know you’ve found the perfect golf store for you.

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