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The spy thrillergenre is one of the most exciting movie genres among fans. The storyline ofthese films is outstanding and more interesting as it includes mysteries,deception, suspense, and exhilaration. One of the best spy thriller moviefranchises is Jason Bourne. It is a blockbuster film series, and the famousactor Matt Damon is in the lead role portraying the character of Jason Bourne.There are many other movies and TV shows that are identical to the Jason Bournefilm series. In this article, we have discussed some of the best spy thrillerTV shows that you should watch if you love the Jason Bourne film series.


Homelandis a famous spy thriller TV series developed by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa.It was broadcast on Showtime channel in the year 2011. Its eighth and finalseason premiered earlier this year. The actress Claire Danes is playing thecharacter of Carrie Mathison, and the actor Damian Lewis portrays the characterof Nicholas Brody in this series. Both of them have performed brilliantly inthis series. It is a fantastic television series that shares a similar theme tothe Jason Bourne film series in various ways.

The Americans

TheAmericans is another popular spy thriller TV series created by Joe Weisberg andreleased on the FX television network in the year 2013. Keri Russell andMatthew Rhys are in the lead role in this series. Keri portrays the characterof Elizabeth Jennings, and Matthew portrays the character of Phillip Jenningsin this series. They both are Soviet intelligence officers and live with theirchildren, Paige and Henry, in Falls Church. The story of the series takes placeat the time of the Cold War. There are a number of things to explore in TheAmericans, along with some stunning performances. Some plots of this seriesrelate to the Jason Bourne film series.

Killing Eve

KillingEve is a black comedy, spy thriller TV series produced by Sid Gentle Films forBBC America in 2018. Sandra Oh portrays the character of Eve Polastri as anagent of the MI6 intelligence agency, and Jodie Comer portrays the character ofOksana Astankova/Villanelle as a psychopathic skilled assassin. The story ofthe series shows great chemistry between Eve and Oksana and the stylized murderthat will blow your mind. It is a very mysterious series, and some of itsmysteries have not been solved yet, even after the three seasons. There arevarious suspenseful and mysterious scenes in this series, and it is amust-watch spy thriller TV series for you if you love the Jason Bourne filmseries.


Chuck isanother brilliant spy thriller TV series created by Josh Schwartz and ChrisFedak for NBC television networks in the year 2007. This series has fiveseasons so far. Zachary Levi portrays the character of Chuck Bartowski, who hassome good knowledge about computers. He receives an encoded email from hisfriend, who is now working with the CIA. It is a great series that revolvesaround the talented Chuck. It relates to the Jason Bourne film series invarious ways and if you are a fan of Jason Bourne. This spy thriller series isa must-watch series for you.

Afterdiscussing some of the spy thriller television series that share a similartheme to Jason Bourne’s film series, we have concluded that all of theabove-discussed television series have different plots. Still, some of them canbe compared with the Jason Bourne film series.

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