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4 Steps To Repair Potholes Using QPR Asphalt Patch

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Road surface discomfort is common due to heavy vehicle loads and varying weather conditions.

However, for small cracks, we don't always renew the road surface. This needs more budget if you are renewing the surface and you may have to stop the traffic for a few hours.

If you don't have a big budget and cracks are small enough to renew the surface, QPR Asphalt Patch is the best solution for you to repair the pothole.

​​​First of all, understand what is QPR?

QPR High-Performance Permanent Pavement Repair is the number one repair material that can be used to patch potholes, fill utility cuts and repair damaged asphalt. There is no need for blending, tacking or mechanical compaction.

QPR is a ready-to-use formula that can reach the repair area directly from the bag.

It also operates with concrete and steel and can be used even in water under all weather conditions!

List of the important features of QPR Asphalt:

  • Product is easy to use
  • Performance Guarantee as a permanent repair
  • No blending or mixing required
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Water-repelling additive allows for performance under wet conditions
  • Usable from -5ºF to 105ºF
  • DOT approved in all 50 states and used in every province throughout Canada
  • Simply apply, compact, then open to traffic immediately

Here're are 4 Easy Steps on How to Repair Potholes By Using QPR Asphalt Patch!

Following steps are:

1.​Clean The Area: Clean area of any loose material or debris to be repaired. Water? No QPR issue. Just pour the material into the hole straight from the bag. Even sweeping the water from your patch is not necessary, as long as it is clear of debris.

2.Pour the Material: Pour straight into the hole from the bag. Add material up to about 2 inches of depth.

3.Spread the Material: Use a tamp or shovel back when you have a 2-inch foundation to spread the material over an even, and strong surface. Reapply in increments of two inches until the repair area is filled in.

4.Compact the Area: Use a tiny crown to repair area when the hole is filled to allow extra compaction. Now tamp, roll the wheel or drive over for the last moment, and you can now open up to traffic-right now!! It's so easy.

Sick of repeatedly repairing the same cracks? Don't worry about that!!

We're here to assist you!

Need QPR Asphalt Patching Services?

We at Main Infrastructure, Pothole Repairs Toronto based Company provides the finest asphalt pavement services with the skilled licensed expert.

We are focused on helping our clients keep their asphalt surfaces appearing and functioning for many years to come.

We are proud to serve, whether you need to patch asphalt, repair potholes, or repair damaged asphalt.

​If you're interested in our QPR Asphalt Patching Services kindly visit us @ Main Infrastructure or feel free to contact us @ +1 (416) 514 0809


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