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Development of VR games quickly became a popular investment. The number of VR headsets sold throughout the world for the past 2 years exceeded 10 million. The VR game that runs on the headset produces millions of dollars in income every year. The VR application market is currently valued at $ 15 billion. It is expected to enjoy multi-fold growth in 2021. And it is a game that takes the biggest part of this market!It sounds like other big winners, Right?Large companies, like Facebook, Google and Microsoft, join the VR industry. Sony, Samsung and HTC are conceptually designed new VR devices to make VR hardware more affordable for the mass-consumer market. Now we can choose from various VR equipment from VR phones that are lightweight and cheap to a heavy and expensive VR console. In this range, every hardware solution assumes the level of complexity and cost of its own equipment. The same applies to games that run on the equipment. In the next article, we will review the possible cost of developing VR games in detail.

When planning your VR game development, consider this step as a roadmap for you-

must find (or produce) the idea of a fresh game

 You have to find (or produce) a fresh game idea. You must find answers to these questions and similar:·        Who is your target audience player?·        Wow moments what your game has?·        What emotions are triggered by your game?·        Why do you have to use VR?At this stage, prepare a game scenario that you can share with your developer. Also, both you or the game manufacturer hired (or in collaboration) must work on game design documents with user stories.

Select the target VR device for your game

 Basically, you can choose from the following solutions:VR-Headset PC (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, etc.) PC-based VR-headsets make it possible to explore deeper into virtual reality by using a larger PC screen and a stronger PC processor. For the viewers, it is possible to develop more complicated applications. Prices for new PC VR-headsets vary from $ 499 for Windows Mixed Reality in Windows Store, $ 529.99 for HTC VIVE on eBay.com and $ 800 on Amazon.com. Standalone Solution (Oculus Go, Oculus Quest) The Oculus Go Headset does not require an external PC or play station to work, it has its own embedded processor and memory. Oculus also has its own software platform for VR game development which also supports Unity and Unreal game machines. The cost for the device starts at $ 199 for Oculus Go on Amazon and $ 399 for Quest Oculus also on Amazon. VR Console (Sony Playstation VR) The PlayStation VR is a VR headset designed to work together with Playstation 4, PlayStation Eye Camera and Dualshock and Move Controllers. It also has to work with Playstation 5 (coming soon, as promised by the manufacturer). Sony suggests special partnership programs and licenses that include all aspects of their VR development legal for those who want to develop applications for their Playstation.

Select the graph type for your VR game in development

 The cost of developing virtual reality games depends significantly on game design. Each type of design mentioned below has its own advantages. You may need an expert consultant to help choose the most suitable graph type for the needs of your game. The four types of design include:

2D graphics.

Although 3D is available, the 2D design still claims the top position for virtual games. It can look very professional, detail and complex, and equivalent to 3D. Costs for developing 2D games can be low if you choose a DIY editor or high enough if you decide to hire professionals and make something complicated.

3D graph

Sometimes 3D charts can be easier to make than 2D depending on game parameters. Besides that, 3D looks very different! Game machines such as Unity or Unreal Engine are the most popular and convenient tools for developing 3D-VR-games.

Photorealistic graphics.

Photorealistic graphics, especially those who imitate the nature, usually require investment of time and a significant budget.

360 panoramic video

It is possible to add a 360-degree-panorama view as a backend for VR games. The cost for 360-video shooting is not expensive but adding interactive elements to the video presents a challenge! 

select the development platform for your game

 Your next decision: Select VR game development software. Although there is definite software diversity on the market, serious choices lie between two proven VR game machines: unity and not real. Our development team leaned towards the unity machine on the following reasons:

  • ·        Union supports 2D and 3D charts.
  • ·        Unity supports popular programming languagessuch as C #, UnityScript and Boo.
  • ·        Unity support from all cellular platforms, tables, web and console.
  • ·        The free unity version supports Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Windows.
  • ·        The Pro Paid version supports Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and even Sony Playstation;
  • ·        Unity has the longest game footprint record developed for cellular platforms.
  • ·        Unity is used to develop duty calls, one of the most complex and popular games for now.
  • ·        Unity enjoys a broad developer community.
  • ·        Unity has many useful plugins and tools.
  • ·        Unity supports various asset formats.
  • ·        Unity creates a fairly functional game quickly and easily.
  • ·        Unity does not provide access to the source code. However, any problem can be resolved with the help of a large and friendly developer community.

Some facts about the VR Engine Unreal game development software to consider: ·        Suitable for console-based games.· Provide an open source code that is convenient for developers.·   Suitable for large projects with heavy 3D graphics.

In a Nutshell

 VR Technologies is comparable and developing quickly. You need input from technical experts about your game project – unless you are a VR game developer yourself.Ncrpted is one step locked with you on a challenging trip. We are VR Geeks and are always ready to help you from the development to be launched, keeping the cost of the final VR game according to your budget expectations. After launch? We don't leave you after launch. Ask us about our policies and promises.Investing in the development of VR Games is a great opportunity to take your part on the market that develops quickly and promises. So, fast and backup portion of your prize that is predicted to grow in the closest years!


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