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4 Strategies To Crack The TCS Aptitude Test?

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TCS, short for Tata Consultancy Services, is a multinational Indian company housing over 600,000 employees all over the world. TCS company hires only the finest employees, and the recruiters ensure that during the interview, the candidate's skills are put to the best test. 

Most specifically, TCS tests are well known for their unique aptitude and coding questions that will put the coder’s skills to the furnace. 

While it may sound difficult, the truth is with proper practice, you can ace the TCS test.

When it comes to cracking a TCS test, we have four secret strategies you can use best.  keep reading, for you will be introduced to TCS mock test questions as well for better practice, along with expert tips. Dive in!

How does the TCS interview process go?

TCS interview process is similar to other tech giants’ methods. You will need to pass three rounds, namely,

  1. Online assessment
  2. Technical face-to-face round
  3. HR interview

Among the three rounds mentioned above, online assessment is the first goal every candidate should focus on because only if you pass it, you can move further. 

4 Strategies for TCS interview preparation

We all would have heard that practice is key to success, and it is the truth. Hence, if you’re ready to practice, here are four strategies to fasten and align your preparation.

Choose questions you’re confident on

When you attend the TCS aptitude test, choose the most straightforward questions or questions you believe you have enough practice. Solve them first so that you can figure out the remaining questions. To make this possible, use online materials where aptitude questions are available with solutions. 

The first step in your preparation would be to use TCS mock tests that have solutions along with them. If you’re able to crack them, then the real test will be easy.

Here is a question related to programming language that you can expect if you choose this language. 

Sample question: Explain the types of storage classes


The four types of storage classes and their functions are:

  • Register: In the CPU, registers are the storage units.
  • Static: In static which is a storage class as well, has variables that cannot be changed. 
  • External: External denotes the external devices that are a storage class. Eg: Hard Disk
  • Automatic: In this storage class, blocks and functions declare the variables.

Time Management with Star Questions

TCS is well-known for the star questions that are considered complex and carry high marks. Most of the candidates attempt these questions without being familiar with them. Now, this is where time management can be flipped. Ensure you practice such difficult questions to finish the problem quickly. Always time yourself whenever you practice hard questions. 

Additionally, there is something termed the STAR method, and some questions fall under this category. The STAR method is nothing but,

S – Situation

T – Task or Target

A – Action

R – Result

Most STAR questions are considered difficult so whenever you attend a test, always go for the difficult problem first, solve it and then move on to the easy ones. Some of the repeated STAR aptitude questions would be based on bugs, sudoku, pebbles and such.

For better understanding, here is a difficult programming question with an answer.

Sample question: How will you approach writing a CheckPassword(str) that will find a string as a parameter? Moreover, if the conditions are approved, it will return one; otherwise, 0.


For a question as such related to the string concept, you will be given certain conditions for example:

The password must have at least six characters with one number and one capital letter. The password shouldn't have any type of symbol, and the first letter of the password mustn't have a number.

If these are the condition, you can follow this method:

  • First, you should use the if condition to assess how long the string is and figure out whether its length is greater than or equal to 6.
  • Then you should run a loop to figure out if any character in the string is a numerical character ranging from 0 to 9.
  • Then you should iterate the string to figure out the alphabetical value that is in the capital.
  • Then check whether the string has any symbols by using the loop function. 
  • Similarly, run a loop to find if the first value of the string is not a number ranging from 0 to 9.

Strengthen your mathematical skills

Though TCS allows you to use a calculator or rough sheet to work out calculations, you should not waste time calculating simple equations. If a question requires you to multiply 2 by 30, you should be quick to answer it mentally and not use a calculator. 

Make sure you improve your mathematical skills by strengthening multiplications, ratios, fractions and concepts. You can also access online math quizzes to see how fast you are in answering them.

Some questions in this category would be MCQs or short answers. You can expect simple multiplications like,

  • What is 2 x 288?
  • Convert 8.45 into a percentage
  • Explain what a fraction is


  1. 576
  2. 84.5%.
  3. Fraction is used in Maths to show a portion or a part in a problem.

Do not worry about the Cut-off

Never prepare for TCS exams by keeping the cut-off mark in mind. If you focus on the cut-off, you won’t be able to put in your full effort. Your main goal must be to crack the test with top marks. On the other hand, you are free to know about the cut-off mark as it can give you enough confidence to work on the test. 

Basically, the cut-off marks differ for each place where the interviews take place. Usually, every candidate must pass 20 to 22 questions, or else getting inside TCS can be tough. However, you will lose 1 mark if you answer four questions wrongly. So be patient, look at the question thoroughly before answering them.

Here is an easy question to check your coding knowledge.

Sample question: Explain Variables


Variables are essential in data structure and algorithm, as without them, you can’t have a program. Variables are elements that alter inside a program. By performing operations on these variables, we can get the right program to perform a function. Variables represent any program’s purpose and work.

Apart from these four strategies, here are other tips that you should focus on

Join discussion Forums

Thanks to online discussion forums, many budding and professional programmers are helping one other out. Before the test, always join such forums and use other programmers’ knowledge. 

Be Acquainted with a TCS employee

Whether it is a former or current team member, you won’t get a perfect insight about TCS apart from an employee. Having your doubts cleared off by someone who has been in the TCS company will be beneficial. Ask them to conduct a TCS mock test for you so you can practise efficiently.

Join an Online Course

Many professionals and experts are taking online courses for coders to garner massive information regarding coding. According to your need, you can take a course and enjoy its benefits.

Final Thoughts

We hope with our guide, you are now well aware of where you should get started to crack the TCS test. Always ensure you make use of free DSA sheets and, of course, TCS mock tests to start doing TCS Interview Preparation. We wish you all the best for your interview!


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