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Every time you tee off, you want to look your best. Not only is it tradition for golfers to dress in a specific style, but wearing high-quality clothes can certainly inspire confidence. And if there’s anything you need while golfing, it’s confidence. Whether you’re doing a quick nine or going for your second 18 this week, plenty of styles can elevate your look on the course. Here are four different looks you can try out the next time you go golfing.

The Weekend Golfer Look Is Casual and Comfortable

Just because you’re dressing with stylish intentions doesn’t mean you can’t be casual. When you’re just going out to your favorite country club on a relaxed Sunday afternoon or hitting a par-three course with your buddies, you can wear casual clothes that still fit the golf standard.

A simple, solid-colored performance T-shirt is the perfect choice for your top. Depending on the weather and your preference, you can opt for a long-sleeve or short-sleeve shirt. Pair the simple T-shirt with a pair of khaki or grey shorts. It’s easy, it looks good, and it’s perfect for enjoying the sun while carrying your bag down the fairway.

From Surf to Turf, Your Golf Attire Can Combine Different Styles

Just because you’re on a golf course doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate elements of a different style into your looks. If you’re on the west coast, why not throw in a bit of the local surfer style? If done right, you can go from the sands of the beach to the sand bunker and look right at home. A water hazard might not have waves, but you can make waves on the course with this look.

Start with some performance shorts. A pair with a tropical print or some neutral colors will work equally well. Your top is where the biggest beach style influence will come into play. Find polos or pullovers with bright colors and floral prints. Leave your shirt untucked, swap out that surfboard for a driver, and you’re ready to go.

A Polished Look Is Perfect for Business and Casual Fun

On the other end of the golf style spectrum is a more polished outfit that looks right out of the PGA tour. It looks just as good while you’re golfing with your buddies as it does at a work-sponsored golf event.

Start with the pants. Look for a pair of khaki, grey, or black pants that still offer the flexibility and comfort you need while on the course. You want something lightweight and versatile while you’re out there. Then, add a high-quality quarter zip up top. You can even add a vest for extra polish.

A Prepared Golfer Can Also Be a Stylish One

Depending on where you live, it’s wise to stay ready for all kinds of weather. You never know when the forecast will quickly change from sunshine to chilly winds. Thankfully, you can prepare and look good with the right outfit choices.

Overall, you’ll want to stick to a look similar to the polished golfer, but with a few additions. Keep a zip-up wind jacket for days when the breeze picks up (or you want a layered look). Also, you can keep a golf quarter zip pullover in your bag for chillier days. You’ll have a style that you love to wear, and be prepared for any weather. Golf outfits really can do it all.

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