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Those who are serving in the manufacturing department can understand how crucial it is to take the right decision at the right time. This is because the competition in almost every field is very high nowadays and in such a scenario, if you want to be at the top, then you need to be accurate with your strategies. Coming to the point, we are here talking about the importance of Thermoplastic Foam Molding method. It is a very popular manufacturing method these days and now being used in several manufacturing companies. This is simply because of some unique characteristics of the Thermoplastic Foam Molding.

Making it simple for you, choosing the most suitable production techniques can help you make good profits without having to compromise on the quality. Yes, standard injection molding is the best alternative in many situations, but sometimes, Thermoplastic Foam Molding is a better choice. Continue reading this article to find out what are those situations when you should opt for the thermoplastic foam molding.

Before moving ahead, you should first learn how Thermoplastic Foam Molding is different from the standard plastic molding methods. While the entire process remaining almost the same, the two major differences are that low-pressure is used for the injection process and a chemical blowing agent is also added to the melted polymer (plastic granulates) in the thermoplastic foam molding process. Let’s now explore the 4 major advantages of this method, just to find out how and in what situations it can be the best choice for you.

Suitable for Both Small and Large Scale Production

Most of the injection molding methods are usually suitable for large-scale production, but thermoplastic foam molding can be used for the production of plastic products on any scale.

It Gives a Very High Strength-to-weight Ratio in End Products

One of the most significant characteristics of this manufacturing method is that it allows you to produce stronger plastic products without making them too heavy. In short, plastic parts built through the thermoplastic foam molding have a very high strength-to-weight ratio. This is because, due to the addition of a chemical blowing agent, the core of the final products has a foam-like structure instead of being completely solid.

When You Need to Build Plastic Parts With Intricate Designing

Since low-pressure is used for the injection process, it’s possible to build strong plastic products with intricate designs. The possibility of an error is really very low compared to the standard injection molding methods.

Suitable for Producing Flawless Parts Without Any Sink Marks

Another noteworthy attribute of this manufacturing method is that the products built through this method usually don’t require additional surface finishing. So, opt for this method if you want to produce flawless plastic parts without any sink marks on them.


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