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When looking for a contract research organization (CRO) with CDMO pharma capabilities, there are certain features you should be aware of. How integrated are the teams? Does information flow freely from one team to the next, or are they stymied by handoffs and delays? What level of manufacturing do they offer? Your organization should address these questions before choosing a CRO/CDMO for your drug development cycle, so here are more details on the top factors to keep in mind.

How Integrated Is the CRO/CDMO?

Ideally, all the teams of the CRO/CDMO would be fully integrated with each other. This might mean your organization is assigned a single manager who sees you through the entire drug development cycle, and that teams communicate easily. Find a CRO/CDMO that keeps a database of information that all teams can access, no matter what phase of the development cycle your drug is in. For example, the bioanalysis team would not have to wait for the clinical trial team to send over results, as they are already in the database. Bioanalytical services can start much sooner due to reduced wait times. Fully integrated CRO/CDMO services result in a smoother, streamlined drug development cycle overall.

What Manufacturing Services Are Offered?

If you are choosing a CRO with pharmaceutical CDMO capabilities, you are likely choosing it because the organization can take your drug development cycle from formulation to manufacturing, packaging to commercialization. This means you must ensure the CRO/CDMO has all the necessary capabilities. Can it manufacture your drug quickly for your clinical trial and to accommodate potential changes during the clinical trial? Can it perform nanomilling to increase the solubility of your drug? Can it fill vials, liquid-filled capsules, and/or powder-filled capsules? Find a CRO/CDMO that offers the areas of expertise you need to complete your drug development cycle, without needing an outside vendor.

Does the CRO/CDMO Have Specialized Facilities and Equipment?

Do they have custom-built Phase 1 clinical trial units? Do they have beds if you are planning to perform clinical trials with overnight components? Do they have specialized equipment, such as driving simulators for CNS clinical trials? It’s best to go with a CRO/CDMO that already has access to the resources you need because this effectively saves you time during clinical trials since you won’t have to use outside vendors.

Can the CRO Recruit?

What are the CRO’s recruiting capabilities? You will want to partner with a CRO that has an in-house team well-versed in marketing through multiple channels to reach the target population required for your trials. The ideal CRO will have a substantial database of healthy normal, patient, and special populations. This can greatly simplify recruiting as many are pre-screened and have shown interest in being part of clinical studies.

About Altasciences

As a mid-sized contract research organization and CDMO, Altasciences understands drug development is a complex process. The Altasciences team can help make the process smooth and streamlined for their partners. Altasciences is an integrated CRO with pharmaceutical CDMO services and more than 25 years of research experience. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies can count on the innovative, integrated approach Altasciences uses for preclinical studies and clinical trials, as well as bioanalysis, manufacturing, and analytical services. When your organization partners with Altasciences for clinical trials specifically, it gains the team’s expertise in a variety of therapeutic indications study types, including experience in first-in-human clinical trials and CNS clinical trials. The CRO/CDMO offers access to resources including highly trained and experienced staff, more than 580 beds, and a recruiting database of over 400,000 potential participants.

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