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Adding white glove delivery service can generate tons of new revenue for your business. Instead of simply dropping off an item at the front door or curb, your employees set it up wherever the client needs it. It could be a refrigerator, couch, bed set, or any other item. The key to adding white glove delivery service is having the right tools and knowledge. From using premium hand trucks to being careful to keep client homes safe and free of damage, here are a few tips for adding white glove delivery services.

Equip Your Team with Premium Hand Trucks

First, you must equip your team with the right tools for white glove deliveries. Hand trucks are key, as they can help move smaller boxes of items quickly and easily. Stack them up and wheel them into the delivery area. This is ideal for delivering and setting up an item that has multiple components. For larger items, such as furniture, a heavy duty hand truck can help eliminate the need for a team lift as it can easily handle loads up to 800 pounds. If there is a second employee, they can help ensure the way to the delivery point is clear, which can help improve efficiency and safety. Plus, it looks more professional, which is key to the “white glove” aspect of this service. Be sure to customize the hand trucks with wheels that will not damage clients’ floors.

Moving Blankets Protect Clients’ Homes

Moving blankets are essential, especially when delivering larger items. They can help cover floors, such as hardwood or vinyl, to provide extra protection. They can also help cover doorways, ensuring larger items or the hand truck don’t damage the doorframe. The item can also be covered to prevent damage before it’s delivered to its final destination. Having plenty of moving blankets is an essential part of a white glove delivery.

Don’t Let Stairs Stop Deliveries

It’s not uncommon for white glove deliveries to involve stairs. You might need to set up a TV in an upstairs loft or move a refrigerator to a basement storage area. In many cases, an elevator will not be available, which can make the delivery especially challenging. With a powered stair climbing dolly, your employees won’t have to worry about stairs. The dolly can do most of the work for them. For larger items, consider the heavy duty powered stair climbing dolly. All your employees will need to do is stay in an ergonomic position while holding the lever to activate the dolly as it easily moves the item up or down the stairs.

Efficiency Is Key

The most important aspect of white glove delivery is efficiency. Your employees should provide a top-notch service while being as quick and efficient as possible. After all, no customer wants a delivery team hanging out at their home for hours on end. They want the item dropped off and set up as quickly as possible. The right tools can help with this, but knowledge is also key. How to use the tools, set up the item, avoid damaging the client’s property, and be the most efficient is crucial to an excellent white glove delivery. Make sure your employees are experts in the products they deliver and install, and they’ll become incredibly efficient.

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