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Trust might be the single biggest factor in gaining new customers in the digital age. If your brand does not have credibility, consumers will look to other brands instead. Fake reviews and inaccurate expectations both play a role in how brands have lost credibility with their audience.

But you can guard against this by collaborating with experts who know your products. They can appear in videos that educate your other consumers on all the ins and outs of your products. Here’s everything you need to know when you partner with a complete product education platform that serves as a promotional video production company to leverage expert video content to build credibility for your brand.

The Consumer Journey Starts Online

First, it’s important to understand that the consumer journey starts online. The reality is that most people have a smartphone in their pocket, so even if they are in a brick-and-mortar store, they are likely to use their phone to get more information about a product. That’s where your expert video content comes in.

If customers can see how to use the product or a video review while standing in the store, they are more likely to make a purchase. If they are shopping exclusively online, your expert video content could be even more impactful. Regardless of how consumers shop, partnering with a product education platform that functions like an explainer video production company will help you manage consumer expectations for your product and educate them on how to use it.

Trust Is Essential

If a consumer does not trust your brand, they’re less likely to buy your products. Having trust in a brand is essential, and that’s why expert video content is vital in our modern world. A customer can easily look online, see a few photos of a product, and decide to buy it.

But if their expectations are too high, they won’t be satisfied when it arrives. When those expectations come crashing down as they use the product, they lose trust in the company. They feel deceived. They may even tell friends and family not to buy the product. If enough people feel this way, the general sentiment about your company could turn negative.

Collaborating with Experts Strengthens Credibility

Trust comes from credibility. Featuring experts in video content can help establish that much-needed credibility. An expert has hard-earned knowledge in their profession. If they are using your product, it’s obviously a good product worth owning. They know and use your products every day, and since they’re an expert in their field, they are qualified to share what they love about it.

Endorsements from these experts give credibility to your products and your brand. It’s not a random influencer giving advice. It’s a professional makeup artist reviewing a makeup kit. It’s a pro athlete showing why they use your sports equipment. It all boils down to experts educating your potential customers.

An Expert Video Review Is Authentic

Another part of trust comes from real reviews. Some brands get thousands of bots to give their product 5-star reviews. But it’s much harder to fake a video featuring an expert offering their honest opinions.

Instead, you can search for product review services that let experts express the unfiltered truth and even compare and contrast your product with competitor products. This format offers authenticity in a space where many reviews are anything but authentic. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and leverage expert wisdom to earn the trust of potential customers.

About The Desire Company

Honest advice matters more than ever, and that means consumers are looking for brands they can trust. The truth is, authenticity is hard to come by. In fact, many consumers don’t believe that influencers even use the products they promote. The Desire Company offers the perfect strategy to counteract this trend. They’re more than a simple creative agency or video production company. They’re a complete product education solution that combines content strategy, expert vetting, matching with their vast Pro Community, video embed technology, and media distribution. Industry experts have gained their hard-earned wisdom from years of experience, and now they can share their qualified opinions with your consumers. Dynamic video content from The Desire Company showcases unscripted truth and the authenticity your brand needs to stand out from the competition and connect with your audience.

Learn more about featuring experts in your video content at https://brands.thedesirecompany.com

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