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If you regularly seek high-quality coffee at your favorite cafe, why not make your daily coffee experience everything it could be? After all, life can get hectic, and some days you can’t make it into your local cafe. Luckily, enjoying cafe-quality coffee at home is actually easier than you may think. By finding exceptional artisanal online coffee roasters, purchasing quality equipment, and a few other steps, you can take your daily coffee experience to the next level.

Find a Source for World-Class Coffee

The first step in leveling up your coffee experience is finding a source of exceptional coffee. That’s because the quality tier coffee you’re aspiring to reproduce at home is from the cafe of an independent specialty third wave coffee roaster.

The third wave coffee movement is partly defined by a dedication to treating coffee like any other artisanal food product—think fine wine. Better still, the third wave coffee philosophy includes a commitment to sourcing coffee as ethically as possible through direct trade relationships with smallholder farmers. Every unforgettable cup of coffee starts with exceptional coffee, so do your research and always go with a specialty third wave coffee roaster.

Go for Lighter Coffee Roasts

The idea that darker roasts make for a “stronger” or more caffeinated cup of coffee is among the most persistent coffee myths. The fact is, the “strength” of coffee is a product of how it is brewed and the ratio of water to coffee used when brewing.

In reality, while a darker roast is not an indication of greater coffee strength, it is far more likely to make for a bitter cup of joe. Premium, artisanal coffee roasters, the ones you want to get your coffee from, are going to go for lighter roasts to accentuate fine coffee’s tasting notes. If you’ve always purchased darker roasts in hope it would taste like your favorite cafe’s cup of joe, consider trying something else. The best online coffee roasters offer a variety of different light roasts to try.

Get a Small-Batch Coffee Subscription

Making cafe-level coffee every day has an obvious requirement—you must have fresh, small-batch artisanal coffee available every day. That means picking up a coffee box subscription from a third wave coffee roaster so you never run out of that premium coffee. When you’ve found a premium artisanal coffee roaster, make a point to try both the distinctive, unique single origin coffees and the roaster’s fan-favorite blends. It’s the best of both worlds.

Be forewarned, though. When faced with a selection of world-class coffee, choice paralysis can definitely be a thing. If you can't choose, start with a roaster’s choice subscription. Better still, opt for a brand that allows you to fine-tune your subscription with a “Coffee Calculator.”

Choose a Brand with a Coffee Quiz

Another way to help ensure you find the artisanal coffee you’ll enjoy is to choose a brand that features an online coffee quiz. An effective coffee quiz is a brief series of questions about how you prefer to make and take your coffee, your preferred tasting notes, and so on. It’s an ideal way to help you find the best coffee for you among the best coffee there is.

With all of these tips in mind, you’re several steps closer to turning your home into your second-favorite cafe. Although nothing can replace the atmosphere of a corner cafe, you can enjoy cafe-quality coffee at home whenever you like.

About Verve Coffee Roasters

In 2007, two lifelong friends with a passion for coffee, Colby Barr and Ryan O’Donovan, co-founded Verve Coffee Roasters. The innovative duo saw a need to create a coffee company that reflected their vision for third wave coffee. Their mission remains the same: to produce exceptional coffee while ensuring every step in the process is as ethical as possible. Their buying model involves building direct trade relationships with smallholder coffee farmers worldwide. Discover your favorite artisanal small-batch coffee by taking an online quiz, then determine precisely how much fresh coffee to order with the Verve Coffee Roasters Coffee Calculator. Finally, consider sharing your love of superb coffee with those you love with these coffee gift subscriptions.

Make your coffee experience everything it should be at https://www.vervecoffee.com/

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