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Decorating is one of the most thrilling and fulfilling experiences you can have after purchasing your dream home! That goes for anywhere, even in the beautiful Cayman Islands.


However, you should be decorating your home that matches both your preferences and the overall “vibes” of the Cayman Islands. While there is great flexibility in your home decor (it is your home, after all), it is worth noting the “style” of the Caymans when selecting your furniture and other accent pieces.

Prior to when Columbus landed on the Caymans, the Cayman Islands’ houses that were owned by locals were typically cottages and cabins. In more modern times, though, with the growing populations of foreigners– both visitors and relocated locals– this is of course no rule of thumb! It is simply a guiding principle to loosely adhere to.

Without further ado, let’s take a brief glance at just four tips for decorating your Cayman home just right!

1. Capture and Utilize the Abundance of Light
It is common knowledge that natural light is one of the most important elements of interior design, as it “opens up” any indoor space and makes all components easily admirable. Since the Cayman Islands get over 300 days of sunshine per year, why not embrace and celebrate the natural light in your Cayman home?

You can do so by draping sheer or light-colored curtains, hanging mirrors, and trying to steer clear of those heavier, more impeding items. Let the light shine through and into your home!

2. Easy, Breezy and Clean
Opting for pieces of furniture that aren’t bulky is the best option for matching that beachy island “vibe” you’re likely to be after. Think smaller pieces alongside less clutter and knickknacks. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t have any accents or quaint decorations (on the contrary, in fact), but you shouldn’t have too many that they overwhelm the entire layout.

Think of easy, peace-envoking furniture that isn’t too bulky and innocuous amidst opened rooms without clutter!

3. Go For Neutral Colors with Pops of Color
Your color scheme is something that you should try your best to stick to, especially in Cayman Islands houses that seek to properly display that classic Bohemian-like look. Try for a lighter color scheme, like whites, beiges, and grays.

But don’t stop there: you should also add accents that are especially eye-popping, like teals, greens, yellows, and even pinks. These match the overall aesthetic of the Cayman style, which boast neutral colors with sporadic eccentric pops of color!

4. Go for Green!
On the topic of colors, you should absolutely add in greenery to your interior and exterior (if applicable) spaces! Live plants offer unequivocal serenity and enamoring accents to your home. Plus, green plants are good for increasing concentration, motivation, boosting your mood, and so much more! Practical and aesthetically pleasing– what’s not to love?

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