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4 Tips for Recruiting the Best Candidates for your Market Research Study

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Recruiting qualified candidates to participate in a market research study is arguably the most important component of any study. Without the right participants you won’t gather the right feedback. A successful market study asks the right questions to the right people. It doesn’t matter of which research methodology you use, whether it’s focus groups, in-depth interviews, or mobile ethnographies, when it comes to market research, recruiting is the common denominator.

Understand your Target Audience

Before designing the components of a market study, qualitative research consultant first identify who the target audience is. There are a lot of factors that come into play, such as, is the study objective to gather insights across a broad customer base, or are is it to get feedback from a targeted segment of the market. The better you can define who the target audience is, the better the insights will be. After you’ve settled on who the target audience is to participate in a study, a market research recruitment agencies can get to work finding participants who meet the study criteria.

Market Segmentation

Market segmentation ensures that there is accurate representation of participants in your study. For example, if the goal of the study is to gather feedback from a broad audience, you’ll want to segment the recruits into categories to ensure there is representation from various groups. You can segment your audience into various categories such as geography, language spoken, cultural identification, ethnicity, age, or profession. You can also categorize not just demographics, but psychographics too!

Good Screening Guides

Screening guides are an essential tool for recruiters to have when selecting study participants. Writing a concise screener helps recruiters weed out unqualified recruits. Recruiters rely on screening guides to ask potential candidates specific questions to see if they qualify for selection. The scope of the market study determines how comprehensive the screening guide is written. Some studies, such as B2B or healthcare studies, require participants meet very specific thresholds or criteria, and a screener is your quickest way to identify candidates who qualify.

Nationwide Recruitment Services

After you’ve identified a pool of candidates you want to include in your study, the next challenge is getting them to commit to participating. Partnering with a nationwide recruitment agency is the surest and most cost-effective way to recruit participants. Most nationwide qualitative research firms know this, why not follow their lead and contact us today?

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