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Our environment is in danger! There’s no doubt in it that our overutilization of non-replenishable resources has dramatically impacted our Mother Earth. Plus, with the ever-growing population size, the danger is becoming even more alarming. 

Since we as humans are destroying the environment—so it’s only good if we make some efforts to restore it too, and green building construction is the best way to do so. The construction industry has affected the environment in multiple ways like landfills, cutting of trees, soil erosion, and so much more. 

Therefore, when you use green building construction to build your home or office, you can help nature in healing and restoring. So, if you are planning to construct a new building, you have to consider the following green construction tips:

Pick Location Carefully 

The first step towards green building construction starts way before you even hire a contractor to build your place. The first step begins the moment you pick a location for your building. For example, when you are selecting a location for your new home, you have to pick a location based on:

  • Nearness—all the essential places have to be within walking distance so you can reduce your gas consumption, such as grocery stores, schools, hospitals, restaurants, etc. 

  • Environmental factors—if you are residing in an area prone to earthquakes or floods, you might be disturbing nature with your way of living. 

  • Avoid west-facing homes—as they get warm quickly due to direct penetration of the sunlight, and you’ll need to run AC at high speed to diffuse the heat level. 

Build a Small Home

Second, the most important green building construction tip would be to build a small home. If you are a family of two, you should not build a mansion for yourself because it’s a sheer wastage of resources. Plus, if you have a bigger home, you’ll have to use more energy to cool and heat it. 

Therefore, if you build a small home, you can save money and the environment in one go. However, if you have a bigger family, you should consult green building professionals to help you build a bigger house with powerful green building techniques.  

Reduce Insulation 

The improved insulation system is the core of green construction because 50% of the energy is used for heating or cooling the building. Thus, it’s essential to prepare a proper insulation plan while constructing a building. 

A small crack in the windows, doors, or ventilation system can waste lots of energy resources. So, you should first try to build your home in such a way that it can retain warmth during winters and cool for scorching summers. Additionally, if you want to use a heating or cooling system at a moderate level, a green building can help you better. With a green insulation approach, you can effortlessly reduce your energy consumption level. 

Opt for 3R Formula

With the tried and tested 3R formula, you can amplify your green efforts. The three green Rs are—reduce, recycle and reuse. This formula can be implemented like:

  • You have to reduce your need to buy new materials and products for construction because when you don’t buy new things, no resources will be used to make them. 

  • Recycling means using broken glass, aluminum, wooden, or any other material to make a new product. For example, you can recycle your old wooden furniture to make something new. 

  • You should reuse your old home accessories by upholstering with your creative mind. 

Green building construction isn’t very hard—you simply need to think smartly and innovatively. Importantly, when you build your home differently, you’ll definitely become the talk of the town. Therefore, if you want to build a green home, you can consult the Green Building Initiative team and let us assist you in making your environment-friendly home. 


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