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Shanks—they’re a curse for golfers everywhere. You hit a perfect drive and feel like you have par in the bag but then you shank a shot with your iron, and it goes careening into the rough. Not only does it set you back, but if shanks are a common feature of your game, they could be costing you big time. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. With these tips and the right golf irons, you can make shanks a thing of the past.

What Causes Shanks?

At its most basic definition, a shank is when the ball hits the hosel of the iron instead of the clubface. It shoots off the club almost straight to the right (if you’re right-handed), and you end up way off track.

As far as the causes go, there are plenty of reasons it may be happening to you. You’ll have to record your swing or have an experienced golfer check it out to diagnose your problem. The cause could be:

• You’re standing too close to the ball, causing your swing path to falter and for the ball to strike the hosel.

• Your hands are moving away from your body on the downswing, moving the clubface away from the ball.

• A poor grip opens up your clubface too much and lags the hosel, causing it to make contact first.

• An uneven stance causes you to lean too far in one direction and shift your weight as you swing.

Now that you know some causes, it’s time to consider what you can do.

How to Fix a Shank

Every case of the shanks is different, but there are a few general solutions that you can try before you panic.

Stand Further From the Ball

Standing too close to the ball can result in the club being too far forward. When you swing through, the clubface naturally wants to go further away from you, so the ball hits the hosel at the point of the club closest to you.

Try standing further away from the ball and stick to your normal swing. If you hit the clubface more consistently, you know this was the cause.

Keep Your Hands Close to Your Body

If your feet are planted in the right spot, your hands might be the culprit. They might be extending out from your body on the downswing. As that happens, you’ll hit the ball closer to the club's hosel rather than the face.

To fix this, slow down your swing and practice keeping your hands tighter and closer to your body. Once it’s muscle memory to keep your hands close and you start hitting the ball square on the clubface, you can increase your swing speed.

Stand Tall and Center Your Weight

This might not seem like the time for a posture lesson, but these two points have enough power to change your whole swing.

First, centering your weight through the middle of your feet keeps your body stable, and you avoid leaning too far forward or backward.

Second, you shouldn’t be bending over the ball. Slightly bend your knees, but keep your shoulders square and back straight for your best swing.

Custom and Forgiving Irons Are a Must-Have

If you’re looking to eliminate shanks from your game completely, you need the most forgiving irons you can find. Clubs with a larger face provide a bigger target to hit and help you find consistency in your shot.

Combine forgiving clubs with a custom fitting appointment, and you have the recipe for consistency you’ve never experienced before. You know what they say: a custom-fit iron a day keeps the shanks away.

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