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There never seems to be a perfect tank top bra. Sure, there are T-shirt bras and some pretty decent plunge bralettes for that V-neck lounge tee, but a tank top bra? The straps, band, and sides always get in the way. So, boob tape it is!

Boob tape is the ideal tank top bra. You can get the right amount of coverage and a flawless fit for your boobs. You might think you can’t do it with the weather or the activities or whatever else you’ve got going on, but with the following tips, boob tape perfection is a part of your future.

High-Quality Adhesive

You probably won’t apply an adhesive bra just to hang out around the house. You wear it to make sure your outfit is flawless when you go out. That means you need high-quality boob tape that is comfortable and strong. Medical-grade adhesive will give your bra tape that extra power it needs. Combine that with a flexible and breathable material, and you have a bra that can stay on through movement and sweat—perfect for warmer days or stuffier offices.

Trim to Fit

Tank tops have different necklines and silhouettes depending on the brand, materials, and cut. You will probably have to trim your adhesive bra so it doesn’t peek out from under the top. That’s something you can’t do with just any bra—you seriously need boob tape to do this. After applying your boob tape, trim away up to one inch of the material from the top or sides. You don’t want to do much more than an inch, or it may compromise the hold.

Prepare to Wear

If you’re going to wear boob tape, don’t put it on right before you leave. You have to let the bra tape set to ensure it can stay in place while you move or if you sweat. Medical-grade adhesive uses body heat to adhere to the skin, so give it time to do its thing before putting on your tank top and heading out. You might want to give yourself 10 minutes for applying and trimming and 30 minutes to set.

Subscribe & Save

If you plan on wearing tank tops throughout the spring and summer, get a subscription for your favorite adhesive bra. Usually, you don’t plan that far in advance when you’re going to wear a tank top—you just decide that morning. A subscription that delivers at least three sets of boob tape to your door regularly is a great plan for anyone who wears tank tops out and about. You will always have at least one on hand.

The perfect tank top bra exists; it’s bra tape. Tape bras will stick to your boobs, providing lift and support where you need it without compromising your outfit with straps, bands, or sides that ride up. Whether it’s a dressy tank top for dinner with your partner or a casual summer outing, boob tape gets the job done.

About Brassybra

Brassybra is the first brand ever to offer a high-quality tape bra with medical-grade adhesive. Their product is super-strong, flexible, and comfortable so every woman can get the perfect fit for her girls. Plus, Brassybra’s adhesive bra can support up to a European G, which is a DDDD in the U.S. These bras are available in a variety of shades, so you can find a color suitable for your outfit or for a chic invisible look with a shade closest to your skin tone. In addition to inclusive boob tape, Brassybra offers aromatherapeutic oils to help remove the tape and nourish the skin. From the moment you take Brassybra out of the box to when it comes off, you experience what it’s like to enjoy wearing an adhesive bra.

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