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Historically, the backup gun has had to meet a number of requirements. Perhaps most importantly, it had to be small enough to carry comfortably and, as the last line of defense, it had to be trustworthy. Those conditions still apply. Even for those who do not carry or feel that they rely on a backup gun, a concealable and trustworthy handgun remains a valuable option for any firearm enthusiast. Good backup or concealable guns include revolver and semi-automatic models, both foreign—like the impressive Bersa 380—and domestic. Maybe one of the following options is right for you.

Sleek and Smooth: SIG P230/P232

The SIG Sauer P230 was first designed in 1977 and produced for nearly 40 years. During that time, it earned a reputation for being reliable, accurate, and eminently concealable. It does not hurt that the SIG P230, and the SIG P232 that replaced it, were sleek and elegant guns, like a Walther PPK shaped in a wind tunnel. It was so reliable that the legendary elite British SAS special forces units trusted it as a sidearm. For all those reasons, it remains highly respected and sought after by collectors.

Classic Reimagined: 9mm Revolver

The 9mm revolver is a combination of two iconic firearm standbys, the compact revolver and 9mm Parabellum cartridges. The 9mm cartridge is most often associated with the semi-automatic “Super Nines” that define so much of the handgun market today. However, the 9mm is an affordable mid-range cartridge with impressive ballistics available in a wide variety of loads. That makes it the perfect partner for an ultra-reliable and concealable 9mm revolver, like a Ruger LRC.

Antique Reliability: FN Browning 1922

The FN Browning 1910 was one of the most popular handguns of the early 20th century. Designed by the legendary John Browning, it featured design innovations that continue to influence handgun design to this day. The FN Browning 1922 is less well known than the 1910 model but features a lengthened barrel and a greater ammunition capacity while remaining compact enough to function as a backup gun.

Argentinian Dependability: Bersa 380

The Argentinian Bersa 380 has taken the compact market by storm. For one, a Bersa 380 resembles the iconic Walther PPK (James Bond’s pistol of choice) and shares a number of its design features. It has also incorporated features similar to the functionality of the famed, compact Beretta 70. However, the Bersa 380 generally sells for somewhere around half the price of the Walther PPK. In addition to its compact size, it is also a lightweight pistol, being made from a lightweight aluminum alloy. However, its design also manages to effectively mitigate recoil, which can be an issue with light, compact guns.

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