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When you head into one of your favorite El Dorado Hills gyms, you might stick to the same cardio machines you always use. While these can get the job done, mixing things up can make your workout more fun and improve your cardio in new ways. While every gym or health club is different, most offer a wide selection of cardio machines and equipment, including these four underrated options.

Rowing Machine

The rowing machine may not seem like a cardio powerhouse at first glance, but it can give you a full-body cardio workout in about 20 minutes. The key is maintaining proper form. It will strengthen and tone your muscles while improving your endurance and benefiting your overall cardiovascular health. Because the rowing machine is low impact, anyone can use it and get a killer workout. All of your favorite gyms in Turlock probably have rowing machines, which are great for a fast and efficient workout.


Many people walking into one of the best gyms in Tracy might overlook the ellipticals. Or you may skip it because you want to use what you perceive to be a better, newer machine. However, ellipticals are popular for a few reasons. They can help boost your stamina and cardio capacity, getting you a good, low-impact aerobic workout. They are also fantastic for burning calories. Ellipticals provide both an upper and lower body workout, targeting your arms, calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Ellipticals have staying power and are an excellent treadmill alternative.

Stair Climber

Walking up a few flights of stairs can elevate your heart rate, which is why so many people love using the stair climber at the gym. As opposed to sprinting on the treadmill, the stair climber is more of a slow burn, but it can be challenging, especially if you crank up the speed or take very few rests. It’s a great option if you like zoning out and just getting your steps in. If you want to improve your cardio endurance, give it a try.

Jump Rope

When was the last time you tried a jump rope? Jumping rope might seem easy, but it can be an excellent cardio exercise. It’s a full-body workout but particularly effective for your calves and feet. You can also try a weighted jump rope to make your muscles work a little bit harder. Jumping rope requires coordination and focus, plus it’s a ton of fun. There’s a reason you’ll see pro boxers jumping rope during training—it can really get your heart pumping and is a great way to build your cardio endurance. See if your gym offers jump ropes or bring your own and make it a part of your warmup routine.

These are just a few of the most underrated cardio machines and pieces of equipment. Head to your local health club and see what is available in the cardio area.

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