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If your organization is recruiting for first in human clinical trials, you may want to consider partnering with a contract research organization. The right CRO will have the expertise needed to properly recruit for your Phase 1 clinical trial and beyond. Partnering with an experienced CRO means you can get the advertising experience necessary to recruit, as well as access to databases of potential participants. Here are some of the ways partnering with a CRO for your clinical trial recruitment can be beneficial.

Creating a Recruitment Strategy

Qualified CROs know how to create a proper recruitment strategy for your clinical trial that helps you achieve your goals. The earlier in the drug development process your organization partners with an experienced CRO, the easier it will be to create a successful recruitment strategy. Education is also a critical component, and integrating it into your recruitment strategy is crucial for ensuring patients are well-informed throughout the process. Understanding inclusion and exclusion criteria is key, and a knowledgeable CRO can help your organization navigate recruiting strategies to ensure you safely meet your study milestones.

Marketing Through Multiple Channels

Advertising your CNS clinical trials to potential participants who have never been part of a Phase 1 clinical trial can be difficult for an organization that doesn’t have experience with the recruitment process. Partnering with a CRO that has expertise and experience in recruiting for your type of clinical trial can help make the entire process safe and as quick and efficient as possible. The recruiting team will know how to create trial materials, advertise, and choose the best channels to reach your target population.

Access to Databases

An experienced CRO can also safely speed up the recruitment process with access to a database of potential participants. This cuts down on the time it could take to find participants, as the CRO can simply reach out to potential participants in their database that meet the requirements for your study. If your organization is conducting specific research, such as for an Ethnobridging study, databases can make finding the right candidates much more efficient. Instead of starting recruitment from scratch, a CRO can help your organization get a jumpstart on finding the perfect participants.

Screening with Trained Staff

Finally, you’ll need to screen the potential participants you are recruiting, and trained staff are equipped to take care of the entire screening process. A CRO with an experienced team will ensure the screening process goes smoothly so that participants are safe and you can conduct your trial and get the proper data you need. This is achieved by ensuring you are working with the right participants. Otherwise, your organization could end up with data that doesn’t align with your objectives and you could compromise the safety of your participants.

About Altasciences

Altasciences is a mid-sized drug development solution company that offers more than 25 years of research experience for your preclinical studies and clinical trials. As an integrated CRO/CDMO, Altasciences’ innovative approach has built a foundation that biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies have come to rely on. Altasciences guides clients through the drug development process with custom program roadmaps, from lead candidate selection to early clinical development to manufacturing. Partners also gain expertise in a variety of study types and therapeutic indications. Altasciences has key experience in CNS clinical trials, first-in-human clinical trials, and Ethnobridging. The CRO/CDMO provides partners access to dedicated Phase 1 clinical trial units across North America in both the USA and Canada. Their resources include access to over 580 beds, a recruiting database of more than 400,000 potential participants, and an experienced, highly trained staff. If your organization needs dedicated and integrated CRO/CDMO services, Altasciences is the perfect choice.

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