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Do you love the ritual of getting ready to go out? It’s the leisurely pampering, trying out festive makeup looks, lighting candles, and just getting in the mood to go somewhere that feels almost more satisfying than the actual going out part. But since it is the holidays, you have a lot to look forward to once you step out the door—from attending family gatherings to socializing at work parties. This holiday season, create space for your going-out ritual with the following ideas.

Experimental Glam Time

‘Tis the season to go all out with your makeup looks. It’s the holidays! Whether going to a cozy cocktail party at someone’s home or making a statement at a big holiday event, enjoy experimenting with different colors and makeup styles. Now’s the time to rock sleek black eyeliner with wings. You can create perfect black wings with an effortless winged eyeliner stamp. Effortless makeup with a great payoff needs to make an appearance at this time of year—and all year long.

Perfecting Your Cat Eye

The holidays are the best time of year to rock bold cat eye looks. (What stands out more than a stunning cat eye?) Creating a party-perfect cat eye doesn’t need to be an all-consuming process. When you can do it with ease, you’ll feel more relaxed. Put some holiday music on, and create your cat eye using an effortless and efficient eyeliner stamp.

Check out an innovative liquid eyeliner pen equipped with a wing-shaped stamp on one end and a thin, felt tip eyeliner on the other. An exceptional apply-and-go product will give you opaque, stay-put eyeliner and wings that you’ll be proud to wear. You’ll love getting ready to go out with an easy-to-use winged eyeliner stamp.

Relax by Lighting a Body Butter Candle

For the ultimate pre-party pampering sesh—have you tried a body butter candle? It’s a luxurious moisturizing candle that allows you to indulge in the aroma of exotic butters and then apply it to your skin for deep moisture therapy.

Body butter candles are a gentle reminder to slow down a bit to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. They were created to encourage more self-care in your daily life. Before heading out for the evening, light your body butter candle made with luxurious butters, such as moisturizing cupuaçu and kokum. As it melts into warm body oil, you can blow the candle out, pour the deeply moisturizing oil onto your skin, and give yourself a gentle massage. You deserve it.

Imbibing in Bold, Rich Colors

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to test out bold lipsticks and shimmery eyeshadows. You can also take your graphic eyeliner game to the next level using an innovative stamp winged eyeliner. Maybe your party look is fresh-faced with a touch of drama. This is when you slay with that red or berry lipstick color you’ve been dying to try. You could also focus on the eyes and let them shine using a cream-to-powder eyeshadow in a shimmery bronze, letting it double as a highlighter for a look that glows.

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