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Team-building activities need to include every member of your organization. Whether you’re planning onboarding activities or something as simple as lunch catering for your team, you want everyone to feel welcomed and enjoy the fantastic benefits of a delicious lunch at work. When ordering lunch for a diverse crowd, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

• Team member preferences

• Possible food allergies

• Meal size for each person

• Style of food for different team sizes

The best catering services help you keep each one of these in mind while planning the next surprise lunch or company party. Here are some ways you can consider these factors and build a catering experience that feels inclusive for all members of your team.

Let Employees Order Their Own Meals

This option will be a hit with your office. Your team gets the choices and customization offered by individually ordering, with the perks of a company-provided meal. Partner with a catering service that connects you to local restaurants and lets your employees take their meals into their own hands.

Now, you don’t have to worry about ensuring everybody has something they love. They can pick for themselves. Then, once they have all submitted their orders, the whole batch of food will be delivered at your scheduled time. You get to see the happy faces of your team, and they get the meal that fits their needs and cravings.

Ensure Individually Packed and Labeled Food

Individually packed food promotes safety, enjoyment, and inclusivity, all in one deliciously prepared meal. When you tell your team that you’ve ordered catering, they might assume it’ll be a table full of finger foods and giant batches of one or two foods. Surprise them with their own personal meals.

Order individually boxed meals they can choose from or let them do the ordering. Either way, these boxes will ensure everyone’s needs are met. Foods come in less contact with each other, which means a safer dining experience. Meal sizes are already portioned out. It’s easy to grab a box and go wherever you usually eat lunch. The benefits are almost endless.

Buffets and Serve-Yourself Styles

You can still create an inclusive buffet and serve-yourself catering experience. The best catering partners make this easy.

These types of meals are all about options. Make sure the restaurant you are considering offers plenty of different a la carte items, food that meets diet restrictions such as vegans, gluten-free eaters and lactose intolerant diners. Find a site that lets you browse the best catering Indianapolis, Chicago, or wherever you live has to offer. Then, you can pick a restaurant that makes a buffet-style meal your team will love.

Office-Wide Surveys

Another way to ensure you are being inclusive is to gauge the opinions of your team. Make sure all of them have a voice in the catering choice. Send out a simple survey with some essential questions:

• Do you have any food allergies?

• Do you have any dietary restrictions?

• Is there a type of food you prefer?

• Would you rather order individually or have a buffet?

Then, you can make sure everyone’s needs are met. If you want to surprise your team, do these surveys at the beginning of the year and keep them on hand. Don’t leave anyone out; you’ll have a catering experience your team talks about until the next one comes around.

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