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You can never go wrong sporting a well-fitted pair of jeans. Denim has to be the most versatile and durable piece of clothing in your wardrobe. And the best part about finding denim that you love? You can dress your favorite pair of jeans up or down to match the style you need. Don’t be fearful to test out some different styles paired with your favorite set of jeans that you’ve never considered before. All you need are some supporting fashion pieces and a little creativity to dress your jeans up so everyone will notice.

Skinny Jeans and Heels

When you have an event on your calendar that is coming up and you want to dress up for it, but the event isn’t strictly formal, lay out your favorite pair of skinny jeans. An effortless way to dress up your favorite pair of skinny jeans or jegging jeans is to pair them with some high-heeled shoes. You can make a fun fashion statement by choosing heels with a vibrant color. This can make your shoes stand out while giving your jeans a dressed-up chic look.

Tucked In Tee and a Fitted Blazer

A great way to dress up your favorite pair of jeans for a business casual setting or a lunch in the city with friends is to add a blazer to the mix. Your shirt should be a nice neutral color without too many patterns going on, you don’t want to distract from the sleek blazer. Tuck the shirt into your jeans in the front. You can tuck your shirt in the back, too, if you want to appear a little less casual. Your blazer and jeans should complement each other and give you a very stylish business casual look.

A Formal Top and a Structured Bag

Don’t feel like wearing a dress on your date? You can go get your favorite jeans out of the closet and experience comfort while keeping your fit fashionable. Another simple yet effective way to dress up your favorite pair of jeans is to pair it with a formal top and a structured bag. Most people don’t realize just how much a colorful dressy top and a handbag can elevate your style and denim. Try to match your top to your handbag for a polished-looking ensemble.

Mix Patterns and Your High Waisted Jeans

Mixing patterns with your favorite girlfriend jean is an excellent way to get a noticeable outfit going. Stripes and florals are an easy pattern combination that always pairs well with tall jeans and your skinny jeans as well. This can give your outfit that pop you want and add some fun style to your most comfortable pair of jeans. Perfect for hitting up the farmer’s market this spring or grabbing ice cream with friends.

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