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Inspiration can hit at any time of the day. You could be listening to music, admiring a pretty wall in your office, staring out a window, or doing your skincare routine in your favorite loungewear set. Something has to change if you can’t find the spark needed to finish an assignment, make dinner, apply moisturizer, or write a simple thank you card. It might be your surroundings.

Pick a simple thing about your day-to-day life and change it a bit to bring you joy, creativity, and more adventure. Need a little help with your vision? Try one of the subtle (yet completely satisfying) suggestions below.

Choose an Exciting Wallpaper for Your Office

Wallpaper will add a splash of color or a pretty pattern to any room in your home, but you don’t have to deck all four walls out in one wallpaper (unless you want to). With wallpaper, you have the freedom to choose a pattern or print that appeals to you and your unique taste, helping that creativity inspire you in other aspects of your life. Every time you have the urge to stare at your walls, those bright, bold wallpaper colors may be just what you need.

Wear a Chic Robe Around the House

If you’re trying to light up that imagination and get some inspiration without changing out of your pajamas, do not top off your outfit of choice with an unfashionable robe. Wear a chic robe that matches an elegant green pajama set monogrammed with personalization to give you those “successful artistic type” vibes. A lightweight robe is the perfect thing to keep you comfortable in the house and in your head, even when you have to run to answer the front door.

Work in a Matching Pajama Set

What could be more inspiring than turning toward the door to your office and seeing your mini-me wearing your matching family pajamas? If not inspiring, it’s at the very least adorable—a happy little vision and satisfaction are great motivators. When working from home with kiddos running around the house, make things fun for everyone without detracting from your work, and slip into some matching family pajamas. It will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Put Office Supplies on a Pretty Tray

The way you arrange your office supplies impacts your work ethic. It’s one of those little things where five minutes of reorganizing your desk leads to hours of productivity. Grab a lucite tray with a sweet city toile that appeals to you and arrange your office supplies on it, just so. If you don’t want to keep your office supplies on a tray on your desk, use the cute tray for coffee, tea, snacks, and meals. It will help keep things neat and tidy.

When looking for inspiration, sometimes the easiest way to find it is in luxurious monogram pajamas or bright wallpaper. Inspiration is everywhere, and your home is usually one of the best places to find it. So, try one of the ideas above, or do something you thought of just now, and let that creativity shine.

About Katie Kime

Katie Kime brings a world of patterns and personalization into your daily life with their luxury pajamas and stunning home decor. As a brand, Katie Kime produces modern and traditional art to remind you that you were born to do—not to simply be. Whether you operate in your home office wearing some of Katie Kime’s beautiful white pajamas or spend some time in the kitchen alongside an attention-grabbing wallpaper, you can explore the many facets of your imagination. Designed to spark creativity and incite a sense of liveliness into everything you do, Katie Kime’s world of color, prints, and textures celebrates stories and allows you to expand your idea of what looks fashionable and feels fresh or adventurous. Now, you can explore and connect with worlds inside and outside your home and do it all with Katie Kime.

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