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Your kids might have many questions regarding the celebration of independence day on the 4th of July. Even though they love to enjoy the hot dogs, fireworks, and waving flags, you can expect them to come to you and ask, “What does independence day mean, mommy?”

There is no need to become worried about explaining the true meaning of this profound day to your kids. We have developed some interesting patriotic points for you in this blog. Check them out:

What Does Independence Day Mean?

July 4 is the country's birthday. Our country came into being in a small Philadelphia courthouse during the era of the second Continental Congress. This was the day our country's cofounders such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Asam, and Thomas Jefferson gathered to declare independence from Great Britain. They are the ones that started the American Revolution.

Tell this as a story to your kids. You could use pictures from history books to explain Britain's supremacy. Educate them on how America's cofounders went against the king for conquering America. Since Britain's laws were unfair, the cofounders decided not to follow them. Therefore, in 1783, the United States won the war known as the Revolutionary war.

Why Does Our Flag Have Stars?

Describe the symbols present on the flag. You need to tell them that they each hold a meaning. Grab a flag and lay it on a table. Tell them how the 50 stars on the flag represent different 50 stats. The 13 stripes stand for the 13 colonies declared on July 4, 1776.

Tell your children a country's flag is a symbol for showing the world what the United States of America stands for. It also shows how we are connected and have to stand united in case of any difficulty. And because our flag is special, we need to treat it with respect.

What Duties Does Our President Have?

To explain to your kids what role and duties are expected out of the president. Ask them if they got the chance to become the president of the country what they would do for it?

We are sure you will get a series of answers, but you need to make it more clear to them. To give them more clarity on it, try talking about what some of our presidents did in their challenging times. For instance, Abraham Lincoln helped lead a war to keep the country together. You can always share a book with them and read through different events to give them a better idea.

What Makes Our Country Special?

Try telling your kids about what makes your country special. It's for guaranteeing you freedom and rights. Describe the need to practice these rights every day. Educate them about their freedom to speech, socialize, religion, and how they must contribute to the country. Show them how these rights are entailed in the U.S constitution. Also, ask them which rights are important to them.


Now that we have mentioned some helpful tips that will allow you to expound on July 4 among your kids, celebrate it to the fullest. You can also take help from children's e-books online if these tips don't work.



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