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Sometimes people only use essential oils in the mornings—others, exclusively at night. But you understand that the incredible power of these oils can help you out all day. Whether you use an uplifting aroma in the morning or promote a relaxing atmosphere in the afternoon, there are so many ways for you to use single essential oils and essential oil blends all day. Here are just some of the creative ways you can keep the good vibes going from morning to night.

Start Your Diffuser First Thing in the Morning

When you first wake up, there’s nothing better than the refreshing aroma of some diffused essential oils. A great way to start your day is by immediately putting a few drops of your favorite oil into your diffuser. Citrusy and bright oils are an excellent choice for your morning routine. Lemongrass essential oil can help provide an uplifting aroma and prepare you for the day ahead. For an even richer experience, start up the diffuser, hit the snooze button, and wake up in five minutes to the perfect morning atmosphere.

Keep Roll-On Essential Oils in Your Bag

Now that your day has started, you need to keep essential oils with you throughout the day. You never know when your schedule will call for a little refresher, or the moment will feel perfect for an uplifting or grounding aroma. Get some roll-on essential oils that fit nicely into your bag. If you keep two or three of them in an easy-to-reach pocket, your essential oils will never be far away. Try frankincense, jasmine, or peppermint, depending on the scent you love and the atmosphere you want. You can make your own and dilute with fractionated coconut oil or buy single oils and blends that come already diluted with a roll-on applicator.

Build a Collection at Work

Monday through Friday, you’ll spend plenty of time at work. Thankfully, essential oils are a great addition to any workspace. Rosemary oil has a refreshing scent. Wild orange offers an uplifting aroma. Lime is loved for its invigorating scent. The uses of essential oils are endless—you can’t have enough. Keep a few different options on your desk, at your workstation, or in the break room for when your work day could use a boost.

Find a Good Time to Take Supplements

Another way to experience the many uses of essential oils all day long is with supplements. Capsules filled with pure-grade essential oils can deliver powerful benefits and may provide support to many of your body’s most important systems. Take turmeric supplements, for example. They may help support a healthy inflammatory response. If you regularly take them in the morning, you can have great results. You may not see the essential oils, but they are still working to help you out.

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