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Work meetings. We all have them, but not all are the same. Some happen frequently. Others more sporadic. However, each has a different atmosphere, and you want to make sure you dress to match the vibe.

Whether it’s dressed up in a navy blue blazer or more casual in a polo and joggers, here are four different types of work meetings and how to dress to match each one.

Weekly Team Meetings

These are the most common types of meetings. You get together with your department and direct manager and catch up on all the latest developments.

Because of their frequency and how close you are with all the attendees, plan to rock a more casual outfit for these meetings. Usually, your daily work wardrobe will do just fine. Your favorite polo and jogger combination works great if it’s a business casual dress code.

Don’t second-guess yourself too much. Stick to the basics and find something comfortable while still looking professional.

Catch Ups with the Boss

This could be a 1-on-1 with your direct manager or even your yearly review with the CEO. Either way, it’s an excellent opportunity to dress up and show off your sleek and professional style.

Because you’re more familiar with the people in these meetings, think outside of the box when it comes to how you dress. Adding a flannel to a pair of dress pants or rocking a vest over a polo is a fun way to elevate your look while still maintaining the professional vibe of this kind of meeting.

Or pick a short sleeve collared shirt to pair with some khaki chinos. It’s the perfect amount of professionalism while not overdressing for the occasion.

Boardroom Meetings

Boardroom meetings are the perfect time for you to show off your style. They might include other departments, outside contractors, or even clients. You want to look sharp to stand out from the backdrop of the boardroom windows.

Start by wearing something upscale. A long-sleeve dress shirt tucked into a pair of chinos with a leather belt. The dress shirt should be a neutral color, as you’ll add a blazer over top. Your pants can match your blazer, or they can contrast with a complementary color for an even more striking look.

Make sure these pieces are nice and breathable, so you don’t break a sweat while you’re presenting to the room.

Sales Calls with Potential Clients

Meeting with a potential client soon? If you want to seal the deal, dress to impress.

The thing to remember about sales calls is they take many different forms, and you need your outfit to match the setting without going overboard.

If you’re taking them to a driving range, a golf polo and shorts are the way to go. But if you’re meeting in their office, a button-up dress shirt with some chinos matches the situation. Or if it’s a video call, you can throw on a pullover over your short sleeve dress shirt for a layered top look.

With a great outfit, it’s only a matter of time before you lock in the sale.

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