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The year 2020 blessed the anime community with so many great shows. Some conflicted with the hype, and some overcame adversities and proved their worth. Here are five anime that failed to live up to their hype in 2020. This list contains the worst anime of the summer 2020 and winter 2020 anime list.

Note: The following may contain spoilers to the anime series of summer 2020 and winter 2020.

Japan Sinks

Japan Sinks should not come as a surprise as it was one of the worst anime shows of 2020. The series was rushed and barely highlighted anything about characters and other phenomenons happening behind the scenes. Adopting a successful manga into an anime adaptation is always challenging, but Masaaki Yuasa’s Japan Sinks performed poorly, and fans criticized it for lazy animations, skipping plots, and the blend set of characters.

The God of High School

The God Of High School had the potential to become the breakthrough series of the year. But along the way, the series lost its charm. Towards the end of The God of High School, fans witnessed God’s jumping into the battle and making a ruckus of the supernatural concept.

The God of High School started as a martial arts anime before turning into a supernatural one. While Crunchyroll hyped the show initially, the ending was disappointing as nobody expected Jin Mori to be God participating in human competitions.

Dragon’s Dogma

Another Crunchyroll adaptation that performed poorly regardless of the hype is Dragon’s Dogma. This 2020 anime had a big budget, so directors decided to use CGI instead of the traditional animation style. The result was a poor replica of 2016’s hit TV series, Berserk by Shin Itagaki. Apart from its disastrous animation style, the whole setup was a lousy attempt to create a sense of an overdramatic environment that feeds on nothing but humanity, sins, and nihilism.


Gibiate is the definition of how to degrade a beautiful show to the level of utter disappointment. It’s hard to judge an anime with a single episode, but Gibiate did the impossible. As from the first episode, the show maintained its truism with its generic themes and the same anime cliches from the 90s. The overdramatic CGI monster and bland robotic characters contributed nothing to the front, and the overall vibe is just too average to watch past the first episode.


Plunderer was not supposed to be here! The animation, story, and characters were flawless and came at equal footing with anime shows like Darwin’s Game and Tower of God. What didn’t work out for Plunderer is the execution. The female lead Hina is annoying and resembles a generic version of Sword Art Online: Alicization character Asada Shino. The show starts as good but later turns into a fan service anime where female characters exist for the ecchi camera angles. The manga was excellent in terms of story, characters, and execution. The fans expected the same craziness level, but what they got is a harem version of Sword Art Online.

These were the five anime that failed to perform well, despite the hype that surrounded them.

Source: 5 Anime That Didn’t Perform Well Regardless of the Hype

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