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In these days full of notifications, multiple screens, and constant distractions, it can be easy to lose your productivity. However, the same technology that pulls you away from your work can also help you find renewed focus and efficiency. Thanks to some unique features on the Apple MacBook, you can find a new level of focus that helps you get your work done. Whether you have a refurbished model on a MacBook financing plan or own the new 13-inch MacBook Air, check out these five productivity hacks.

Pin Your Media Player to the Menu Bar

Listening to good music is a perfect method for boosting your productivity. Constantly switching back and forth to your music player is not. Not every playlist is going to be perfect, and you’re going to want to skip some songs. The newest MacBook Air has music control keys on the keyboard, but if you want to see the song and artist name without switching windows, you can pin media player controls to your menu. Go to your preferences, then your dock and menu bar settings, and then you can click “show in menu bar” to have full control of your music right from your home screen.

Turn on Hidden Shortcuts

Even if you’ve finished your MacBook payment plan and have owned a MacBook for years, there are still probably features you don’t know about. Corner hotkeys are almost like a secret productivity hack. If you open up your system preferences, go to mission control and turn on “hot corners” you can attach shortcuts to each corner. Now all you have to do is hover your mouse in the corner and you can quickly perform actions like opening notes, switching desktops, or locking your screen.

Control Your Notifications

Notifications are important to keep you informed, but when you are trying to work, they can interrupt your flow. Even if you don’t click on the notification, it breaks your train of thought. From your notification settings, you can silence all but the most crucial notifications. You can even set certain times where they stay silent so you can choose your extremely productive hours.

Create and Organize Multiple Desktops

You can have multiple windows open on your screen, or you can use the Mission Control feature on your MacBook to create new desktops. When you bring up Mission Control, either by pressing F3 or double tapping your Magic Mouse, you can see all your desktops at the top of your screen. Hit the plus button to add more so you can organize all your windows and applications accordingly. To navigate these windows, simply swipe left or right with multiple fingers on your mouse or press the control button and the right and left arrow keys.

Make Use of Your Spotlight

A spotlight search is an easy way to search through your documents, emails, calendars, and the internet quickly, without having to open up any apps. Simply press the command button and the space bar and your spotlight search bar is brought up. Type in what you want to search and your MacBook will comb through all of these databases to find what you need.

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