5 Benefits of Automatic Knives

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Automatic knives have several advantages over other types of knives, especially when it comes to everyday use. They work great when you are on a camping trip and when you need to open taped boxes. These multipurpose spring-loaded knives have several advantages over other types of knives, and below we’re going to touch on five of them.

You Don’t Have to Touch the Blade

Knife blades are sharp, and even the most experienced handlers can have an accident and end up in the emergency room from accidentally cutting themself. With OTF blades, you don’t have to worry about this. The best Automatic knives don’t slip or break like other knives when using them. This makes them much safer to use than other knives.


Made from aluminum and stainless steel, automatic OTF blades are made to last. They’re more durable than other types of knives. They are rust-resistant and can withstand almost anything. The blade retracts back into the handle, keeping it protected.

Although they are durable, you want to make sure you take care of them. When choosing an OTF knife, consider what your primary use for it will be. If you plan on using the knife for camping and day-to-day activities, you should consider one that has a serrated blade and a smooth blade. This makes it ideal for cutting through heavier materials and slicing.

 Self-Defense and Other Emergencies

Although you never want to use it for self-defense, the fact remains that automatic OFT knives may save your life. We don’t mean only in hand-to-hand combat but also in other situations, such as if your hand becomes stuck in a rope, your free hand can easily open the knife to get you out of the problem.

Automatic knives are great if you ever need to protect yourself. Not only can you use it if a human is attacking you but also if you’re involved in an animal attack. The majority of criminals are looking for an easy target. In this type of situation, just pulling out a knife may be enough to scare them off.


When people think about knives and first aid, they may think about how to treat a knife wound. The fact is that knives can be helpful in many situations. You can quickly remove splinters by using the tip of the blade. Years ago when before emergency rooms or as many doctors, people would use knives to cauterize wounds. In case of a fall that causes someone to break their arm or leg, OFT knives can also help cut wood to set the break until you reach help. 

Outdoor Activities

All types of knives can help when you're enjoying the great outdoors. Automatic knives easily cut through fishing lines and help remove hooks. If you catch a fish or get a deer while outdoor, you can quickly gut them. If you’re really an outdoorsman, you can cut wood for a fire and cook your dinner right there.

The Automatic Oft Knife Will Be Your New Best Friend

Automatic knives are excellent multi-purpose knives. From hunting to camping, to simply opening a box, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a knife as beneficial as this one. Although we’re well aware that some people are tried, and true fans of folding knives and, truth be told, they are amazing choices too.


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