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We all know how important it is to return empty drink containers to the bottle depot. Not only would you be missing out on getting a refund of any deposits you’ve paid, but you would also not be supporting the environment and keeping our city clean. The great news is that some bottle depots are now offering services to help you skip the depot and make returns much more convenient.

Bottle depot pick-up services allow you to email or text us to set up a time to collect your empties. You choose a pickup date and time slot, leave your bottles in a set location on your property and we will pick them up during your time window. You don’t even need to be home!

When you skip the bottle depot by using our simple and easy bottle depot pick-up services, there are many benefits to you.

1. Get Your Refund Back – The most obvious benefit to using our bottle pick-up services is that you get back the deposits you have paid as you purchased each of the empty containers you are returning. You get your refund back hassle-free and without any additional cost to you.

2. Donate To A Great Cause – If you choose to donate your refund instead of having it e-transferred to you, you can support a great cause with your returns and get a tax receipt. We never subtract any fees for these services so your entire refund goes to the cause you have chosen, as long as they are registered for an online bottle drive with our locations.

3. Save Time – Packing up your empty drink containers into your vehicle, driving to the depot, unloading your car, standing in line, emptying your cans and bottles onto the trays, and waiting for them to be counted all take up precious time. When you choose to skip the depot with our bottle depot pick-up services, you save all of this time by simply placing them outside and accepting your money transfer.

4. Save Gas – The best thing about when you skip the bottle depot is that you save gas, especially right now. With the cost of gas at an all-time high, we all want to drive less. Using our bottle depot pick-up services means you can get your refund back without the necessity to drive to our depot which saves you lots in gas over time.

5. Beneficial For Those Without A Car – If you opt to not have a vehicle these days, it can be tough to deal with tasks like returns to the bottle depot. You can’t take a taxi, Uber, or the bus with your returns. You also can’t use a rental or short-term vehicle service because of the chances of leaving a mess behind. So our pick up services are very convenient and solve an important problem for those without a vehicle.

Our bottle depot pick-up services in NE Calgary save you time and money and make life easier for most people!


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