5 Benefits of Collaborating With Video Game Translation Companies

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The video gaming industry is expected to grow $260 billion by 2026. And the dominating region in this market in the Asia Pacific, which registered a revenue of $72.2 billion in 2019. Now, the major question is how video gaming studios are headquartered in one nation will communicate in their target market territories? This is where gaming studios collaborate with video game translation companies to translate their games.

So, if your company does not provide ‘playable’ games aligning with the gamers’ ‘cultural context,’ millions of dollars will be get wasted. No worries when partnered with translation companies. These are what benefits your company will get.

Key Merits of Outsourcing Video Game Translation Service Providers

1. Multilingual content

The global video gaming translation industry rises up to 37% in the year 2019 to 2020. The major reason behind this is billions of multilingual gamers. If we talk about the market leader Asia, languages like Mandarin, Hindi, English, Malay, Filipino, and much more are spoken in this territory. So, to communicate with the home of 2,300 languages, multilingual content is essential.

Translated games mean lo language barrier between video gaming studios and gamers. After all, 3.24 billion gamers worldwide prefer multilingual content. Not just a communication barrier, but 100% accurate professionally translated games are also helpful in entertaining them in their native language.

2. Engage all genre gamers

Whether it is a mobile game or a web browser PC game, video game localization companies provide 100% accurate gaming translation content compatible with all devices. The top 10 recommended languages to be part of the evolving gaming industries are German, French, European Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Polish.

It is a fact that 52% of gamers purchase games in their native languages. Also, this gaming translation is a critical element in order to allow more users to enjoy a game in their own language. Thus, better to collaborate with video game translation experts having years of experience in translating into different languages. By doing so, your company is actually capturing the 90% of the video game market.

3. Partner with new clients

Now, so far, we have discussed only from the target audience point of view. But video game translation also helps your company to connect with new business partners. One market report shows that one company gets 5 to 6 new business partners when opting for the gaming translation. So, if your company is looking to win new clients and business partners, opt for the same!

4. Shrug off errors

It is a fact that 8% to 9% of video gaming companies fail to shrug off minute translation errors like the conversational tone used in the game. Thus, they lose out the 60% gaming audience who could have generated revenue. Hence, collaborating with video game translation companies means there is no room for silly errors that put brand integrity at risk.

One of the leading Japanese games, when rectified their Japanese to English translation errors it helped them gain 4.6 million units out of the 13 million units of lifetime sales of the gaming series. So, instead of investing the in-house team’s time in rectifying errors, pass on this task to the experts who deliver accurate content for the higher ROI.

5. Enhance the brand awareness

Entering the new market means your company needs to communicate in their native language. For instance, Spanish gamers will understand the Spanish language only in video games. Thus, to enhance your brand awareness in the foreign territory, video game translation becomes crucial. Professionally translated games make the game local.

Native linguists at the gaming translation companies translate every gaming content so that your brand earns a reputation in the global market. That is why the top 20 gamin industries worldwide opt for translation means to capture the global market.


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