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Most people realize that recycling old cars is “good for the environment,” but few of us understand what that means exactly. When you sell your junk cars for cash, you're not just making a quick buck but also contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy, protecting the environment, increasing car affordability, and generating economic activity.

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Besides conveniently freeing up space and earning quick cash, here are five advantages of recycling your junk vehicle:

1- Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Metal production is a major contributor to global environmental decline. According to World Steel Association, 1.89 tonnes of CO2 was released for every tonne of steel produced in 2022.

When you recycle your junk vehicle, you're helping reduce the need for new raw materials. This means less amount of greenhouse gases are emitted during the production process.

Let's say you recycle your old car, and it's used to produce a new car. In order to produce a car from scratch, a manufacturer would need to mine for iron and other raw materials, transport them to a factory, and then transform the materials into car parts. All of this generates greenhouse gases. But when you recycle your old car, the manufacturer can use recycled materials like steel and iron instead of mining for new ones.

So recycling your old car not only helps reduce waste but also lowers greenhouse gas emissions, which is good for the environment.

Stacked bales of cars

2- Saves Energy

Recycling your junk vehicle can help save energy in a few different ways. It takes significantly less energy to recycle a car than to produce a new one from scratch, which can be hundreds of megajoules per car. This is because when you recycle a car, you're using materials that have already been processed and refined, so they don't require as much energy to be transformed into new products.

Recycling your old car helps to reduce the demand for new cars, which can help to conserve energy in a range of ways as every step of the car manufacturing process takes energy. All these factors combine to make recycling a car a great way to save energy and be more environmentally friendly.

3- Protects The Environment

Recycling your junk vehicle helps protect the environment in several ways, in addition to lowering greenhouse gas emissions. For instance, it reduces the amount of waste in landfills. This helps to reduce the strain on these facilities and the environmental impacts that they can have. Landfills take up a lot of space and can release harmful chemicals into the air and water, so reducing the amount of waste that goes into them is important.

Recycling your old car also helps to reduce environmental pollution. When a car is left to rust and decompose, it can release harmful chemicals into the air and water, negatively impacting human health and the environment. By recycling your old car, you're helping to prevent these chemicals from being released and protecting the environment.

Close-up of a rusty car

4- Increases Car Affordability

When you recycle your junk vehicle, you're helping to reduce the demand for new cars. This can make new cars more affordable for consumers.

Here's how it works:

When there is a high demand for new cars, manufacturers have to work harder to keep up with demand, which means they need to use more raw materials and energy to produce more cars. The supply curves of raw materials get steeper as the quantity being supplied increases because suppliers need to resort to costlier sources when more cost-effective ones reach their production capacity.

So, increased demand can make raw materials more expensive for manufacturers. This can drive up the cost of new cars, making them less affordable for consumers.

When the demand for new cars is lower, manufacturers have to produce fewer cars, and they can optimize costs instead. So by recycling your old car, you're helping to reduce the demand for new cars, which can help make new cars more affordable for everyone. Recycling your junk vehicle can increase car affordability in the long run.

5- Generates Economic Activity

Recycling your junk vehicle can help to stimulate economic activity. The recycling industry creates jobs in collecting, transporting, and processing recycled materials. These jobs help to support local economies and provide people with consistent sources of income.

An employee at a scrapyard

The sale of recycled materials generates economic activity through the supply chain. For example, when a manufacturer buys recycled iron to use in the production of new products, it creates economic activity in the form of profits for the manufacturer, wages for workers, and taxes for the government.

Recycling also makes cars more affordable, and when new cars are more affordable, more people are likely to buy them. This can help stimulate economic activity through increased consumer spending. These factors combine to make recycling a car a great way to increase economic activity and support local communities.

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