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Vape e liquids are probably the most exciting and fun aspect of vaping. Hundreds and thousands of flavours are present to provide a treat for taste buds! As the vaping community grows, companies develop more and more new flavours making it  The sole purpose for this is to keep vaping exciting for experienced and new vapers.

When it comes to unique and new e liquids, Cheap E Liquid UK has maintained a reputation for it over the years being one of the most trusted suppliers of e liquids and pg vg base mix. We have never failed to provide amazing flavours with around 8 categories of exotic and delicious e liquids. In this blog, we’ll tell you about some e liquids from one of our most exquisite collections. Let’s start!

Best Beverage & Drink Flavoured E Liquids By Cheap E Liquid UK

1.   10ml Blue Slush E liquid

All our customers know and love the classic Blue slush; the most popular of the two slushes flavoured £1 eliquids we offer. The nostalgic hit that it carries will give you memories from your childhood summers enjoying the cooling treats. It comes packed with a fruity Raspberry and sweet blueberry flavour, and we’re sure you’ll love it. If you’re fond of sweet fruity flavour with a slight tangy touch, you should order this e liquid right away. Why not make it an everyday vape?

2.   10ml Chocolate Milkshake E Liquid

Who doesn’t like chocolate? The answer to this is  a very, very boring person”, which we’re sure you’re not! For this, we launched our Chocolate Milkshake 10ml E Liquid. Till now, this e liquid has been one of our best sellers in this category. As you take the first puff, it will paint a picture in your mind of a dessert shop, making it in a blender with milk and chocolate ice cream until smooth.

As you vape this flavour, you feel like enjoying a glass of chocolate milkshake with a spoonful of whipped cream and a drizzle of warmed chocolate spread. So, if you’re a fan of chocolate or you’ve been looking for an e liquid with velvety sweetness, you must try this flavour. The best thing is that you can get yours for only £1 (one pound) or £75 when you buy in bulk wholesale volume!

3.   10ml Coffee E Liquid

Have you ever had a cup of delicious hot coffee after a tiring day? Doesn’t it pull out every bit of exhaustion from your body? Well, now you’ll feel the same while vaping because this coffee e liquid tastes just like that delicious hot cup.

This e liquid contains a complex blend of flavours that, when combined, produce a variety of rich sensory experiences. It tastes like freshly ground vibrant coffee providing a flowery, nutty, smoky, and herby flavour. So, if you’re looking for a unique flavour for an escape from everyday sweet flavours, this is the perfect pick for you. Try this e liquid and let your senses awaken.

4.   10ml Energy Drink E Liquid

What if there was an e liquid which tasted like energy drinks? Well, you imagined and Cheap E Liquid UK turned it into reality. This is another one of our most exotic flavours, which are nothing like typical and ordinary vape juices you find in most stores.

This 10ml Energy Drink e liquid is very popular among those who look for a legal high from the world’s most popular energy drink. However, people make numerous interpretations about the energy drink’s true flavour, ranging from liquid tangy sweetish tart to bubble gum candy with an almost metallic caffeine-like taste. Why not try it yourself? It might actually give you wings.

5.   10ml Strawberry Milkshake E Liquid

Attention, all the strawberry lovers out there! Brace yourselves and prepare your tastebuds for an absolute treat. This strawberry milkshake e liquid tastes like nothing but a glass of creamy, milky and delicious strawberry shake. As you take the first few puffs, you will realise how amazingly close the flavour tastes to an actual strawberry shake.

The Strawberry milkshake e liquid has a creamy, light, and refreshing feel, and it smells adorable too. Its strong strawberry flavour, is incredibly creamy and smooth and tastes like a classic strawberry milkshake.

To Wrap Up:

Your mouth is already watering, right? Waste no time and place your order right away. Also, if you’re looking for one pound juice or a wide range of shortfills, check other categories on our website. Cheap E Liquid UK has got you covered!

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