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5 Best Cricut Accessories To Make Your Work Easy

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The best Cricut accessories will enter you to do more with your heat press and cutting machines. Cricut device enables you to cut and design unique craft projects, and there are a huge array of attachments and materials that gives you to make more with these devices, including creating gifts, shirts, and more.

In our list, you are sure to discover something for a gift or yourself for any keen crafter. If you have yet to buy a Cricut machine and need to learn much more about what they can make, take a look at this blog. We are here to provide detailed information about the best Cricut accessories.

1. Cricut Rotary Cutter

The Cricut rotary cutter comes in the market with 45 mm and 60 mm versions, and in our experience, you’ll need to update to the kind of more expensive larger disc size. This rotary cutter machine is ideal for quilters and sewers who want to trim devices to fit the Cricut mat accurately and quickly. This is one of the best Cricut accessories that you have to buy with your Cricut machine.


  • High-quality carbon alloy steel rotary blade-controlled cuts and delivers crispiness on a wide variety of materials.
  • Symmetrical handle for left or right-handed users.
  • A rotary cutter is available in the 45 mm and 60 mm version.
  • The sliding system is a very quick and easy release blade cover for safety when not in use.
  • A wonderful companion for all Cricut cutting devices.


  • Fastly trim material to fit the Cricut mat
  • Cut clean, long categories of fabric
  • More precise and easier than scissors


  • The blade gives button is in an awkward location.

2. Cricut Applicator and Remover Set

The Cricut applicator and remover set is an important toolset for all Cricut operators, but in our experience, quilters and sewers really want these two tools. The roller is made to flatten fabric onto the Cricut mat, deleting any bridging in the material to achieve smooth and sharp pattern ink or cuts designs. The steel tweezers are used to disbar the fabric can avoid fraying and from the adhesive mat.


  • Perfect for working with leather, fabric, and most textiles.
  • Important companion for Cricut Maker
  • The two-piece set has the precision tools you want to apply and delete fabric from device mats.
  • Increased life of Fabric Grip mat


  • Important for fabric cutting
  • Two tools in one pack


  • None

3. True Control Knife and Kit

The Cricut True Control Knife and Kit is a very sharp scalpel knife that is perfect for intricate trimming and cutting. You can also use this machine to snip away pieces of design that have not fully cut through during the time of using a Cricut Explore, Maker, or Joy. These are also the best Cricut accessories that you love to use while making your project or design. True Control Knife and Kit comes with five spare blades.


  • The handle is designed of aluminum
  • Textured grip handle
  • It comes with a safety cap
  • Blade lock system
  • Shatterproof cap
  • Non-slip coating


  • You can easily change the blades without their sharp edges
  • Stable and comfortable to hold
  • Available with five spare blades


  • Expensive for a scalpel
  • It does not come with extra blades

4. Cricut Basic Tool Set

If you can only buy this one, it makes your Cricut’s own basic toolset. That’s why this is also the best Cricut accessories that you can buy and use with your Cricut device. It’s perhaps the most important of Cricut supplies for any Cricut device, whether you work with Paper, vinyl, or iron-on projects. The five-piece set has everything you want to cut, lift, burnish, and weed a variety of objects.


  • It comes with blades, scraper, weeder, scissors, tweezers, spatula
  • Offers a total of six tools in the box
  • It comes with a 90-day long warranty.


  • Portable and compact toolset
  • Amazing build quality
  • It comes with almost all types of tools


  • Expensive product for the customer

5. Xinart Weeding Tools Set

Xinart weeding tools set is one of the best Cricut accessories that are available on our list. You can buy this tool and start making your designs or projects with the help of your Cricut device. In comparison to other brands, Xinart is one of the best Cricut accessories brands that help to repair or make your Cricuts in your workshop. Fortunately, all of these tools or types of equipment are of maximum quality and even offer many types of tools, including tweezers, spatula, scissors, weeder, scraper, and a graver which should be decent for most.


  • It comes with tweezers, spatula, graver, scissors, scraper, weeder
  • It gives a total of six in the box


  • Amazing build quality for the price
  • Budget toolset for Cricut option
  • It gives multiple handy tools


  • It does not have any type of warranty.


What type of Cricut accessories do I need with the Cricut heat press?

  • Cricut Mat Variety Pack.
  • Cricut Pens.
  • Scoring Stylus.
  • Cricut EasyPress
  • Basic Tool Set.

What type of accessories is a must for Cricut makers?

  • Scoring Wheel Combo Pack.
  • Weeding Tool Kit.
  • Scraper & Spatula.
  • Fabric Grip Mat.
  • Sewing Kit.
  • Knife Blade & Housing.
  • Premium Fine Point Replacement Blade.
  • Cricut Cutting Mats.

Can the Cricut device be used for sewing?

The Cricut device has an amazing little sewing kit that you can buy with many important tools designed specifically for sewing. Yet, if you already sew options, you have most of these tools or objects on hand.

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