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Survey taking and form filling is a constant occurrence in our everyday lives, from classroom opinions to project research. The usual and well-known method of carrying out this task would be to distribute pieces of paper to a random sample of individuals to fill out the necessary information as they feel inclined towards. But with the dawn of the technological age of the 21st century, survey forms have taken on a completely different outlook. Gone are the days of paper distribution; now all individuals, groups of people, and even businesses create an online form. The amazing thing about the concept of innovation is that it has been taken another step in a fantastic direction.

1. Forms.io

Here comes forms.io by 500apps that integrates into any kind of CRM or software environment you hold. With built-in templates, customizable features, user-friendly interfaces, and integration capabilities to all the forms mentioned earlier, forms.io by 500apps simplify the job of creating single-step or multi-step forms. You can also have the code snippets embed into your pages to create the forms within your website.

The advanced features in forms.io such as payment options, checkout processing, and many others allow businesses to design perfect and personalized forms for them. Record the responses by creating a form using drag-and-drop options and advanced UI-designer in our forms allow you to create a pleasing form to magnetize customers into your website. Our form building software comes with multiple options and integrates into all the other third-party applications.

2. Wix

This form builder fixes professional-level integrations with easy-to-use drag-and-drop design features. You can create your contact forms, employment application forms, registration forms, order forms, and questionnaires using a range of professional templates.

With conditional rules, autofill, and file upload tools, you can easily decide the fields that your visitors wanted to fill up. Wix Forms' multilingual capabilities allow it to collect payments, add signature fields, and translate forms. Furthermore, you may quickly collaborate on projects with coworkers. To make sure that your information is secure and protected, all of this is done with a multi-layered security system.

3. Wufoo

Quick graphical report generation of this form builder is one of the most noticeable advantages, as it allows you to make graphs and charts without having to transfer data to external platforms. Wufoo features a simple learning curve that makes it very user-friendly. Wufoo, as a strong report generator, also assists you in creating in-depth graphical reports based on the data obtained

4. Survey Sparrow

The form builder tool, as a multi-UI platform, ensures a tailored experience for your users, whether it's through customer feedback or market research firms. SurveySparrow's extremely engaging chat-like and conversational forms have already proven to be a hit with respondents, resulting in a 40% increase in response rates. With the freshly integrated video surveys, the mobile-friendly online survey form maker now allows you to raise the engagement quotient even higher. This user-friendly form builder program also allows you to automate and share forms across different media.

5. Google Forms

Google Forms is unquestionably one of the most popular and effective form builders accessible. The GSuite has a form builder tool that allows you to import data directly into Google Sheets. This free online form builder program has a simple learning curve that will enable you to construct forms in a matter of minutes. Multiple-choice, checkboxes, dropdowns, linear scales, and other question types are available in the forms. You may even invite participants or partners to help you create surveys.


As every organization has various needs and goals, the best-fit form builder tool varies from one company to the next. You should deduce what needs you will like to be met before settling on your form builder app. It's also great that our form builder app can be plugged into the established templates, and process payments from people who used the form builder software to fill out the survey form.


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