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5 Best Software For Cricut in 2022

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In this era, the IT Industry uses software that is very fast or even has many upgraded features. Find the perfect software for Cricut to upgrade your project or design in a specific Design Space subscription. If you want to make your projects very impressive, then you have to get an upgraded version of the software. There are many versions of free software which you have to use to design your project. When you use these free versions of software, you feel very restrictive about some features. That’s why you have to take a subscription to the paid version of the software and have thousands of fonts and styles.

1. Design Space

It’s fabulous software for taking you up. This software provides you with free templates, designs, and fonts to make your project very unique. It has the best Cricut accessories. Some of the templates, designs, and fonts are to be locked because of the paid version. You have to buy a subscription to that software to unlock those templates, fonts, and designs.

When you take that subscription, you have to find there are more than 700 fonts, 200,000 images, and thousands of pre-made projects. The cost of this subscription is £9.99/£7.49 a month or $199.88/£71.88 a year. All these things make them the best software for Cricut.

2. Canva

Canva is also free or buys version software that you have to use for creating business cards, zoom backgrounds, invitations, and projects. Design space will make it difficult to work with the selected fonts and texts because you have to work with each one individually. This software makes your work smoother, and even the free version of the software has a lot of good images to make your project perfect.

Canva is also the best software for Cricut to make wonderful designs of gift cards, invitations, and many more things. When you complete your projects, then you open them in Design Space to get printed.

3. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a fantastic software for Cricut. This software is pretty good compared with any other software. It is beginner-friendly software; there is no limit to what you can achieve in this software. That’s because it has many plugins to make your own custom fonts to improve your project good to better. This software also has QR code generators which you would have working for your brand or printing leaflets.

If you want to use the software Adobe Illustrator you have to pay the monthly subscription. So if you don’t want to buy any subscription, then you have to look for any other alternatives.

4. CorelDRAW

This software has the feature called editing vector graphics. In vector graphics, the graphics are consist and packages of objects. In this software, you can change the shape, color, and size of every object. CorelDRAW gives you the option to choose the upfront paying system or join the monthly cost. There are various types of templates that you can buy and customize in your own creative skills.

Before forwarding to Design Space to print from your Cricut, just design your graphics or project and turned into SVG files. It also has some complex design and vectorization on straight-forward right-click. All these features make the best software for Cricut.

5. Inkscape

This is a free and open-source vector graphics editor for Windows, macOS X, and Linux/GNU. It is also the best software for Cricut because it makes the projects very attractive. Inkscape has the two best features that are artistic and technical illustrations such as typography, clip art, flowcharting, cartoons, logos, and diagramming. It also has some features like pen tools handy tools, including layers, shape, drawing, pencil, object grouping, and calligraphy. If you find software where you can make your projects without paying any charges. This software is completely free to the users. The primary file is made in this software is the SVG file. All these features make this software is the best software for Cricut.

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