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1.Toyota Vios

Mobil toyota is known for being good value, economical, good in use.Since the first generation Toyota Vios has built a long-standing reputation for its durability.The new Vios (Vios) is a family entry-level model specially designed and developed by Toyota for the Asian market. It is based on the NBC platform. After extending the wheelbase, the Vios developed on the small car platform has almost reached the level of a compact car. Vios's body styling is derived from Toyota's new century design theme “VIBRANTCLARITY” (vibrant and refreshing), which is extremely dynamic and powerful; the interior space is sophisticated and elegant, combining high-end design and cutting-edge technology. It is the unification of these characteristics at a high level that has created the Toyota sedan of this new century.

It can be used for decades. To this day, we can still see the previous generation Vios strewn across the country roads.

2.Toyota Yaris

The latest Yaris is very small and exquisite in appearance, which really makes consumers feel Toyota's determination to change. At the same time, the large-mouth intake grille is also full of “murderousness.” The exterior adopts a two-color body design, and the rear part of the car adopts an integrated taillight design, with a “C-shaped” lighting effect.At the same time, the rear bumper has a larger expansion area, presenting a visual effect of narrow top and wide bottom. To be honest, the appearance of the new Yaris is indeed much better than the new generation of Fit.In the interior, the new Yaris uses a variety of materials to create a rich layering. For example, suede fur is applied on the door panel, and soft materials are used as the bedding in the center console area. Although the texture of the overall interior is not luxurious , But definitely in line with the aesthetics of young consumer groups.

Yaris is one of the oldest representative models in the Toyota family. It was first born in 1999.

3.Toyota RAV4 

The RAV4 nameplate is one of the most recognizable names in Toyota’s line-up.Toyota calls the RAV4 sophisticated and refined. Each body panel has a chiseled appearance that combines athleticism and charisma. It was the best-selling car by a wide margin.

Toughness is the greatest feeling brought to us by the new generation of RAV4. Urban SUVs, especially Japanese urban SUVs, often have more exercise but not toughness. This has greatly changed in this generation of RAV4. We can see this change very clearly in the front of the car. The design of the eight-character Hu and the new LED headlights give people a feeling of self-prestige, full of aggressiveness and hard-line style. This is in many cities SUVs. The above is hard to see.

4.Honda CR-V 

The Honda CR-V is spacious and practical for a big family, with some even offering 7 seats. It’s not hard to see why the Honda CR-V is gaining popularity.Although it has undergone several generations of updates, its side of the body is still reserved. The relatively straight tailgate at the rear of the body also increases the interior space. The slender taillights are also the iconic design of Honda CRV. The taillights also have a silver chrome connection, and the bottom adopts a double-sided real exhaust.

5.Honda City

The Honda City is one of the cars with the longest legacy in the world. It is an entry-level sedan product launched by Honda for the Southeast Asian market. Now in its tenth-generation, Now the new 1.5-litre turbocharged engine and Honda’s first-class practicality is synonymous for the brand.The new car is positioned similarly to the previous domestically launched Fengfan. In terms of appearance, the all-new Honda City adopts a brand-new family design, and uses LED wing-type headlights, the overall appearance is more sporty, but also more Civic flavor. The tail has a strong sense of hierarchy and has a duck tail design. In addition, the tail light source also uses LEDs to increase the level of refinement.

These Cars ideas are according to my budget and preferences.Hope it can be helpful to your choice!

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