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Today, there won’t be any residence or commercial place where you won’t find any type of HVAC system—from a single AC to a centralized heating system, one or another HVAC is used by every homeowner. To create a comfortable inner environment, HVAC systems have become a sort of a necessity in the last few years. 

With the increased popularity and demand of HVACs, various HVAC related myths have also emerged in the market. There are numerous HVAC repair Bergen County NJ myths available that might be clouding your judgment and making it hard to buy the right HVAC system. 

Therefore, today, we are going to bunk all the common HVAC myths so that you can buy the right heating and cooling system and easily maintain it. 

5 HVAC Myths To Be Busted 

If you have to buy a new HVAC system or wish to hire HVAC repair Bergen County NJ to fix your heating and cooling system, you should clear the following myths first:

You only need to replace the filter once a year—

We cannot stress enough the fact that you need to change your HVAC system’s air filters often. One of the biggest problems that any HVAC can face is—blocked airflow. The dirt or debris clogged in your HVAC system can reduce the amount of air traveling through your HVAC system. 

Both your heating and air conditioners are designed with a specific amount of airflow that’s required for proper operations. But, when the air filter is clogged with dust or debris, it can reduce airflow, and your HVAC can’t offer the desired outcome. 

Therefore, you should contact HVAC repair Bergen County NJ services at least twice a year so that you can maintain a proper heating or cooling airflow. Apart from replacing the air filters, you should often clean them so that cobwebs, dust, or any other dirt won’t block them. 

The bigger HVAC system is better for my place—

It is the biggest HVAC myth that a bigger HVAC system can better cool or heat up your place. In fact, the bigger system has too much power that will reduce the short cycle—switching off and on constantly. 

This short cycle can result in premature equipment failure and increase energy usage. Additionally, the cost of repairing a bigger HVAC system is more as compared to the small or medium system. That means your HVAC repair Bergen County NJ bill put a big dent in your pocket. So, the bigger HVAC system isn’t a better suggestion. 

Closing ducts in the unoccupied room will save energy—

No. If you are shutting down vents in unused rooms—in the hope to save energy, you are mistaken. By shutting off ducts, you’ll increase air pressure in the system, which can lead to leaks in duct joints. 

If your duct system has leaks, the airflow will go in the wrong direction and waste your energy resources. Plus, when heated or cold air gets lost in the way, you have to speed up your heating and cooling system. And this increased pressure will impact the performance of your HVAC system. 

So, on multiple levels, it is a wrong move to turn off ducts in your unused rooms. 

I can install a thermostat anywhere—

If your thermostat is located too near to an air supply register or directly in front of windows, it will give the wrong readings. When the sunlight is directly falling on your thermostat, it will show warmer home temperature. 

When your thermostat is showing a higher temperature than the real temperature, your AC will run on a higher power and waste energy unnecessarily, and in the worst case, it can cause system failure due to a disturbing short cycle. 

It’s optional to regularly maintain your HVAC system—

Definitely, it is a false statement. It is essential to maintain and inspect your HVAC periodically to keep its functions properly running. Your HVAC uses different hazardous materials and techniques—if any of these systems get disturbs, your HVAC can’t run properly. 

Therefore, when you regularly maintain and inspect your HVAC system with the help of professionals, they can assist in maintaining each system component like fuels, refrigerants, and multiple other electrical parts. 

Buying high energy-efficient HVAC will automatically save me money—

If you bought a high energy-efficient HVAC to save energy, it wouldn’t dramatically reduce your electricity costs. It might reduce a small portion of your electricity consumption, but for a bigger impact, you’ll have to consider multiple other factors. 

For example, if your doors and windows are open or your ducts have leakage, your high efficient HVAC won’t make any difference. Therefore, you have to consider all the energy-efficient pointers to make a significant impact. 

Indeed, these HVAC myths have been a good eye-opener. Thus, next when you think that HVAC buying or repairing is a complicated job, just refer to these myths. Now, to get the best HVAC repair Bergen County NJ services, you can hire the Advanced Pro Air team. Our HVAC experts will provide the correct information so that you can make the right decision. 


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