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We all make mistakes sometimes. It's just a part of life. And the most valuable thing you can do is learn from your mistakes. But there are some common skincare mistakes you might not even realize you're making. From pulling on your skin when applying your skin care serums to not wearing enough sunscreen, here are some of the most common skincare mistakes and how to avoid them.

Choosing the Wrong Products for Your Complexion

One of the most widespread skincare mistakes people make is buying the wrong products for their skin type or concerns. Not only will this make your skincare routine ineffective, but it will cost you unnecessary expenses and sometimes skin irritations. The best skincare companies offer online regimen finders that take your skin type and concerns into consideration before recommending the products that will work best for you.

Applying Your Products in the Wrong Order

Putting your products in the correct order can do so much good for your complexion. When your layering is off, it prevents your products from absorbing and being the most effective they can be. As a general rule, layering should start with your facial cleanser, toner, hydrating or anti aging serum, eye cream, spot treatment, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Pulling on Your Skin When Applying Products and Drying

This is a sneaky mistake that a lot of people make. But try your best to pat your face dry after washing it and gently pat on your serums to avoid pulling on your skin. This is a great rule to follow for all your skincare products, including vitamin C skincare, moisturizers, and more. Pulling on your skin stretches out your elastin and can lead to more fine lines, wrinkles, and loose skin as you age.

Not Wearing SPF Daily

You really are doing your skin a disservice by not wearing sunscreen daily. It protects your skin from harmful UV that that can cause skin cancer and premature aging. You might not know that sun damage also causes premature aging in the skin. You can keep your complexion looking youthful for longer when you wear sunscreen daily.

Wearing Your Makeup to Bed

We have all been there. You either forget, or you're so exhausted that you choose bedtime instead of your nightly skincare routine. Washing your face and removing makeup is arguably the most crucial skincare rule to follow. Sleeping in your makeup can cause acne breakouts and disrupt your skin's natural repair process, not to mention it gets your lovely bedding dirty. If you have trouble remembering, set a nightly alarm on your phone as a reminder.

Once you start avoiding these common mistakes, you'll begin to notice your complexion thrive. Say hello to a healthy glowing complexion.

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